7.01 Colours: 2 Steps Forward...

I gotta say the new colour prefs thing is a big step forward.

Still… a few niggles.

Why on earth does the ‘General’ colour affect the -button- colour? Or the background of Dialog boxes?

Personally, I don’t give a hoot what the colour of the bg of dialog boxes is. I wanted a brighter -general- background. But I don’t want =that= affecting the buttons everywhere. What general seems to do is act like a photoshop ‘filter’… affecting -everything- with a particular overall ‘cast’.

In short: please make the color prefs more ‘granular’… ie. just have a BACKGROUND COLOUR and a BUTTON COLOUR and so on, rather than the current vagueness.

Considering how much of an improvement you’ve made, just a little further to go!



Also on the general colors section it would be nice to have something more informative than a single box that changes color when you move some, but not all, of the sliders. Especially since you have to exit Cubase to see the new colors, having a preview so you can see what you are adjusting makes sense.

Oh and how about the ability to adjust text on it’s own. Peoples eyes and monitors vary a bunch. What looks fine to one person is easily inadequate for others.