7.01: Where Are The Grid Line Preferences?

I may just be frustrated, but I can no longer find the screen where one sets the individual darkness for the horizontal and vertical grid lines.

I see all the new colour wheels, but not those individual controls.

What am I missing?


Nothing ! You are just stumbling on the removal of a useful feature without warning (among other ones such as the .vmx files support). No more ‘Preferences/Worl area’ page, though it is still described in the operation manual (p. 705). It has just disappeared for an unknown reason and it’s one of the things that made me go back to 5.1.1/6.5.4.

I am still waiting for an answer from Steiny about this one and getting fed up of all the UI regressions since two years…

The manual has not been updatet with the last update, The work Area color is now (since 7.01) in the project colors page. (in 7.0 it was as explained in the manual)

Fine… But where are we supposed to set the display intensities of the three different vertical gris levels as well as the horizontal one ? I am talking about what appears in the screenshot joined, from 6.5.4, and I guess that suntower is looking for the same thing. Where is the equivalent in C7 ?

Can someone post a before and after screenshot of the actual gridlines in effect?

As you already found out, it´s no longer there.
There is:
-one project grid color
-One Editors grid color
-Editors black note grid color
But surely you have found that yourself…?

Indeed… So we agree, but it doesn’t solve the problem : how are we supposed to set the different grid lines relative display, as suntower was asking ?

Obviously “we” don´t - I did not remove it, what do you want to hear from me…? There´s an issues / feature request forum, post it in there…!?

Already done (see here : https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=181&t=31894). Guess what ? This thread, posred already in the ‘Issues’ forum three weeks ago has quickly been moved in the ‘Miscellaneous’ one : obviously, Steiny doesn’t want to hear about it. The ‘Miscellaneous’ forum seems perfect for burying embarrasing ones…

What i want to hear (or preferably read) is the reason why it has been removed, perfectly working and useful as it was. No more, no less…