7.03 mixer rebuilding every time

Installed the .03 update and not sure if the mixer is improved
The Stereo/mono description takes way too much screen estate, that’s annoying but i guess the symbol suggestion can help there.
What’s really going backward is how the mixer now seems to have some kind of routine, recalculating all elements all the time when pressing F3, first of all IT DOESN’T respect existing settings, or it’s own settings, toggling F3 5x in a row, gives you 5x subtle diferences in lay-out

  • all lay-outs from projects <7.03 are reordered.

Not only the “recalculation” when you toggle F3 is annoying, but also the waiting time feels EVEN MORE SLOPPY than previous versions and the rendering results are INCONSISTENT. Also the ligther grey/beige colourscheme and “supporting” gridlines look hideous.

7.02 was perfect, mixer lay-out wise, just lacked a small stereo/mono symbol indicator. Thinking 7.0 was the all time low ball of mixers, i was wrong, 7.03 totally killed it.

Hi, we already have a number of threads regarding the broken mixer zoom.
The first was soon hidden in the “Collected Issues ‹ Issue Reports” section.
You may vote for a ‘quick fix’, there.