7.2 floating windows display problem

I’m using WL 7.2 (64) with windows 7 home (64), ATI Radeon HD 5700.
While playing back either .wav or .mon , about every minute into playing, the floating meters and master section dissapear from the monitors, I’ve tried placing them on both of my monitors (same result).
At the same time, while playing a wav file, the edit window looses it’s highlighting, as if I clicked the desktop outside of Wavelab. The same happens while playing from the montage.
The meters come back when you click inside wavelab to bring it back to the forefront.

I went back and tried my WL7.1 and realized that it does the same thing. I didn’t notice it before but maybe it began happening with the recent Windows 7 update that updated the sevice pack??? The Radeon is latest version.
I’m really not sure what is happening.

This happens (by design) if WaveLab stops to be the active application. I guess you click somewhere outside WaveLab, or another application takes the focus automatically.

The problem was happening to all of my programs.
It was solved when I allowed Automatic updates to install a Win7 update as well as a Graphics update.
Rebooted and all was well again.

sorry for the panic :blush: