7.5.1 Review.

I just ran through one of my bigger projects - lots of VSTs and FX - and it ran very smoothly. While I’m grateful for the update, I’m surprised how much they left unaddressed. Specifically the Superior Drummer 2.0 issue (toward the bottom of the list) is particularly irritating. I can’t see they addressed any of the issues about which I posted. :neutral_face:

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I’ve never had ANY problem with Superior Drummer (2.30 64 bit) and I use it daily as a rack instrument. The only thing I’ve noticed is that when a project is loaded sometimes it takes a while for all the drums to sound until they’re loaded.

Amazing since there is no 7.5.1 version

OK if you wish to be pedantic - 7.5.10 for you then. :wink:

Unfortunately East West Play system has still managed to crash any and all updates for me…

Of course i dont think cubase is the issue. :frowning:

I’m running Play 4 with the latest version of Mavericks and C7.5…no issues here. Hopefully you can get it working.

I’ll have to check, maybe I’m not running the latest version of SD2.0 But the issue I’m describing didn’t occur in 7.

And the reason it takes a while SD to play for you when the project is loading is because the drumkit is loading into RAM. You can open up the instrument window and watch its progress in the lower left part of that window.


I’m running Play 4 with the latest version of Mavericks and C7.5…no issues here. Hopefully you can get it working.[/quote]

Hmm, maybe its my OS 8.5… upgraded to play 4 too, still crashes constantly: Crashes after rendering a song, crashes, when loading up a project, crashes after closing a project, and all crashes in between…

Its a mystery!! :question:

Yeah, I know, just thought I’d mention it…

I get this with Kontakt as well, but on 64 bit it will not lead to crash.

Some have told me that its perhaps a vst bridge issue, while others have said it might be a permissions issue(mac)…

Neither “fixes” have seemed to help. …(me at least)

Aloha W,

and a major ‘mahalo’ to you for that post.

I have been wanting to ‘pull the trigger’ on Play
but was not sure about Play/Mav issues.

Nice to know it woiks fine for you. Looks like Play is now in my future.

Tanx again.

No issues, no crashes since I updated to 7.5. Reminds me of 6.5 which was also solid on MAC. Never crashed.
I no longer use my old versions. Producing and mixing songs very fast. What will they think of next for Cubase 8?
Cubase 7.5 the leading DAW. I have no interest in using another DAW. For example S1 got one of my favourite producer promoting it but it’s not for me. Staying with Cubase…

On win7 here and have not experienced any issues at all with multiple instances of Play, not before or since upgrade to Play 4

Is anyone able to import a .mov file into the pool (which divides the audio and video into separate parts)?

I am unable to import .mov files into this update. It worked fine in 7.5.0

el profe

I should clarify after more experimenting,

the problem is in the 32 bit mode, not the 64 bit mode.

32 bit mode will not import .mov files
64 bit mode will import

in the import function from the pool window up top…

+1 No issues what-so-ever except some basic feat-req’s. Seems like slighter better and fixes are another notch in stability.