7.5.1 Trial is AWESOME

Just installed the 7.5.1 trial (Thanks Steinberg!) and I’m loving the new Cubase.

A flawless installation side be side 6.5. No problem with plug-in scan and I have a lot of plug-ins many of which are O L D (Edirol Orchestral anyone?), scanned very quick. No problem opening my default 6.5 template. Adjusted my windows for new mixer - I have 2 monitors and got to work straight away with Groove Agent SE4…

So far, no issues whatsover. Runs stable, better performance (slightly) than 6.5. Feels more ‘solid’. Love the new instrument rack and plug-in handling.

All windows etc work as expected if you know Cubase…

No… er… I dont think I have any issues…

…just for the record…

Aloha T and congrats.

Let us know if any thing worth mentioning comes up.
Good or bad.

Good Luck!

How long is the trial 30, 60 120 days?


Is it 32 bit only? I downloaded the mac version and it says 32 bit on a new Mac Pro with mavericks.

Or have I done something wrong?

Never mind. Open in 32 bit mode was on by default