7.5.2 track presets not loading on projects

I’ve been trying to save single and multiple track presets for use in another project. The track presets seem to be saved (they show up in the folder I put them in). But they won’t load on any project. Anyone else have this problem?

Hi godspeedyouq,

have you by chance modified the folder structure manually from the finder in OSX?


Not at all. The presets are saved in the User/ Library/ Application Support/ Steinberg/ Track Presets. I can see the individual Audio and Multi track presets I saved. But they will not load in a project. I’ve also tried to load them in 7.0.7

These track presets are only FX and Group channels with Plugins and Sends.

Hi godspeedyouq,

could you please take a look at the PM I’ve just sent you and get back to me?