7.5.20 VariAudio - tooltip missing..?

  1. Select some audio (vocals) and open in Sample Editor and choose the VariAudio tab, Pitch and Warp mode
  2. VariAudio will analyse the audio and produce the familiar ‘segments’ results
  3. Make sure you are zoomed in on a few of the segments, and they are of a nice, big vertical size too.
  4. Hover your mouse pointer over any of the segments.
    Expected; a tooltip will appear

RESULT:- no tooltip ever appears

Now, we may just be seeing here, an inconsistency with the Manual description…?

Page 359 at top, Changing the pitch. Item 2 states:-
“… If the zoom setting is high enough, a tooltip will appear indicating found note pitch and segment deviation from this pitch in percent.”

This would be nice to have; and I’ve just tried lots of different zoom positions. However, I’ve never seen any such tooltip appear.

Have I missed a trick somewhere perhaps…?

Well, this ‘tooltip’ is still not displaying as (C7.5.10) Manual says it should…

So, is it the manual thats wrong…? Only SB can answer… :wink:

Anyone agree/disagree…? A quick check would be helpful please… :slight_smile:
I’m on 32bit W7

Still unresolved at 7.5.20
(have edited title/subject to current version)

hi, not sure if this will help, the “tooltip” I think is in the info bar when activated. its under the "current pitch section. it tells you the note pitch and the percentage of how off it is, suppose you can say how much it deviates. you have to select a segment before it appears in the info line. I cant find anything else.

please ignore … just seen another post relating to this topic already covered

ok Tex, well, thanks anyway for posting - but that is something else entirely. I know its there; but it doesn’t help for the physical place on the screen where your eyeballs are focused at working, right at that moment when you need to know this detail, to go 'hunting/squinting to try and discern that tiny, lo-contrast text up top.

No sir…

As it was please, right there inside the segment; OR with what the manual describes as this pop-up tooltip that should appear… that would work/help for me…

Please SB… is the manual wrong - or, could you make the manual right and fix the Tooltip…?


Are tool tips turned on in your ‘preferences’?

Do they appear for you if they are…? (sorry, answering a question with a question…)

not at my machine just now; but I recall other Tooltips appearing elsewhere in the program, so I’m guessing they are turned on for me - unless I’ve missed something specific to the Sample Editor. Now that would be embarrassing…

Thanks for chiming in. :wink:

Anyway - yes, Tooltips are turned on in Preferences. I don’t see anything specific applying to the Sample Editor, regarding these mind… Have I missed something…?