7.5.3: Slate VCC and SSD loading problems

Hey guys,

I’m having some problems with VCC and SSD: Cubase (7.5.3/Win8.1/64-bit) gets stuck when loading a project that has the VCC and/or SSD. I’m stuck on the channel loading screen when it hits a channel or group with one of those plugins. Here’s a screenshot of the loading screen: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I’ve already uninstalled/reinstalled both plugins, cleaned the registry, re-synced the ilok/reinstalled SSD’s license file…no luck so far. I’m considering rolling back Cubase to 7.5.2 as those plugins are getting a lot of use on the material I’m currently working with.

Anybody else faced this or a similar issue? Anything else I should try?

Thanks in advance!

which SSD make are you running ?

SSD i.e. Steven Slate Drums, version 1.1

I had similar problems. Mine was an error in how I unrar’d the files. Review that process. Good luck.

I had similiar problems too. I have VCC, VTM and SSD. Many problems. But contct with Slate support via Skype. And them go into my computer via TeamViever and solve the problem. It was some hided configuration files.

C7.5.30 working fine with SSD4 here.
What makes you think Cubase is the problem?

The problem does not happen with my other DAWs (PT10, Reaper, T5).

Yes, we did that. They offered me a refund and said there’s a patch coming for the VCC next month.

That would account for the SSD problem only - and I’ve unrar’d/reinstalled everything.

The only other thing I can think of is that I am on W7x64, you are on W8.1x64 …

Strangely enough, it was all fine with SSD Custom and RC-Tube…so they made that cool upgrade offer and I jumped in and upgraded to SSD Platinum and VCC. That’s when the problems started. I already uninstalled/reinstalled/clean registry/flushed Cubase’s preference and yada yada and no cookie so far. I even installed 7.0.7 to see if its any better and no luck. I think I’m gonna rollback to 7.5.2 and see what happens…

I’ve had ongoing issues with Slate products and cubase (mac) - SSD always crashes, VCC steals focus and I have to restart, VBC meters don’t work correctly… personally I think the problems are on the Slate side.

I’m having problems using VCC with Cubase 6.5.5. on Mac OS 10.8.5.

I find it freezes Cubase when being loaded and adjusted.
However I’ve found if I take my time and click onto Cubase between each operation I can get it working ok.

Once VCC is going I don’t experience any further problems.