7.5.3 VE Pro grinds to a halt

So CLOSE!! agh the 7.5.3 was glorious up until I discovered this bug. I could live without retrospective record (which is confirmed broken) and the best part of the update for me was that it took my load times (about a minute) for each project and made it around 20 seconds. Freakin incredible!!

So I was working on a cue and after about an hour or so, all of a sudden my midi that I was recording got more and more latency. The playback of previously recorded midi played back fine, but all of a sudden the midi that I was trying to record had like a 5-10 second latency. It was insane. A simple quit and restart of Cubase solved the issue, until about an hour in. Then it would happen again.

I reverted back to 7.5.2 and I can work for 12+ hours at a time with no issue.

I also updated my VEPro at the same time as 7.5.3 (it’s version 5.3.133333 or something like that…) So i’m not sure what the culprit is… I didn’t want to risk messing up things by switching versions around.

Anyone else get this? If there’s a VE Pro version that works well with 7.5.3 (a previous version) then I’ll definitely make the switch… But for now, i’ll stick with 7.5.2 and long load times…



Something is definitely up with 7.5.3.

Check this thread-

It seems that there may be a ram problem. When I use kontakt and loop, my performance meter slowly creeps up and starts To crackle and pop during the loop. Be sure to submit a ticket on it.

Yea I read that post… I’m on a Mac Pro - 8 core… that post seems to mainly be for Windows… but i’m sure something IS wrong.

When I finish this project I’ll tinker around with different versions of VE Pro. and see if I can find a working pair with 7.5.3.

I’m not getting performance issues like your thread mentions… no clicks or pops, and my CPU meter is at it’s normal area (15-20%) which is awesome in that I have about 800+ midi tracks coming from VEPro.

With all updates to any program, it’s always the same… Some things are fixed, while others get broken… I just hope they can solve this and give us a 7.5.4 that is as solid (for me) as 7.5.2.

I also can’t wait for a 7.5.4 since I saw that in 7.5.3 my projects would load in like 20 seconds… when with 7.5.2 it takes around a minute or so…


Confirmed with 7.5.3. after using cubase for a little while the latency is like 5 seconds! This is happening for instruments not in VE pro also.

Look, I’m the last person who can be accused of being a Steinberg fanboy, actually I’m often the target of their rage.

But honestly, I’m using 7.5.30 with VEP 5 (one master, two slaves) with absolutely no issues and nothing is different from 7.5.20. I use Win 8.1 Pro.

I have this problem with just a Kontakt 5 instrument loaded in the rack, so it’s not isolated to VEP. only after they update to 7.5.3. It took a while thought before the symptom started I had cubase open for at least a couple of hours, then it started. Just had to restart cubase for it to go away, but there is definitely something going on under the hood with 7.5.3 that is a little odd. I’m on a mac though 10.8.5 so it may just be a mac issue.