7.5 64bit and older VST's

Hi Folks just a quickie.

I have 2 installs of 7.5 :-

My laptop has 32bit version and works fine with old VST’s i.e. Groove Agent original version, Virtual Guitarist orig, and Spectrasonics Trilogy.

My new main setup is 7.5 64bit. I tried Trilogy. Big mistake - doesn’t work. I already ordered the upgrade.

Is it worth loading in Groove Agent and Virtual Guitarist or will I need to upgrade these oldies as well?

Best wishes.


PS - I did wade thru quite a wadge of the Forum but couldn’t find anything resembling my question. My apologies if this sort of thing has been answered before.

You can try Jbridge:


jBridge is your ticket and I can vouch for it as being a great middleware product. No I do not work for them or sell it but it sure solved my issues. I know for certain it will fix up GA3. I would suspect it will really help your virtual guitarist as well since it is roughly from the same era and is 32 bit. For the little amount the programmer charges you also get his support and unlike some, he it there to help you as he helped me many a time.
Before you upgrade any more 32 bit plugs, give jBridge a try.


I agree, at the same time id always get a x64 version of a plugin when there is one. It is just much more convenient, and some plugins will give you headaches when bridged, like newer Kontakts…

Indeed Luk,
I agree with you 100%!

Nothing better than a 64 bit native plug, yet if you got big bucks tied up in you plug and if they want big bucks to upgrade then jBridge Is a very viable solution. So true though on the issues and having to fine tune some of them in jBridge. The one I have that is ultra problematic is Broomstick bass. It was made to crash in 32 bit land and was a real animal to get working with jBridge. I think it runs better now under bridged 64 bit, but man did it take some doing.


You can record your own guitar through a microphone. Are you using an audio interface or just the built in sound card in your computer?