7.5 and Multiple Monitor

Could someone with multiple monitors and Cubase 7.5 please check if the plugins still go into hide mode? Thanks in advance!

hi Mrjixies

Yes they do ,there’s no change im afraid

It’s a long-in-the-tooth holdover from the Windows MDI (Multi Document Interface) and won’t go away until they roll-their-own dockable UI – ala Studio One, Sonar, et al.

It’s non-trivial. It will be a big deal when they do and will be hugely marketed.

I feel its pain more than most, because I “synergy” (mouse keyboard share) to a Mac Pro running other music-related software.

Every time I do that, move the mouse to the other screen, all my Metering plugins go away – just when I need them the most. It’s maddening.

I have to flip the mouse back and forth to follow my gaze.

You, on only one platform, can avoid it by stretching the background window across the screens – something I can’t do in my PC / Mac configuration, but is what I do for Cubase itself running on my two main screens on my PC.

Oke thanks for testing, but what a big SHAME for steinberg, this was working fine in C6!

It also works fine in C7 as long as you don´t set Mix console to “always on top” or full screen mode- as far as I can see, this is not different in C6.

It is different in C6. I don’t have the option to “not set to always on top”. I have to use the “full screen on monitor x” option, which by default makes it always on top. My 2nd and 3rd monitors are different sizes than the main, so dragging Cubase across all monitors is not an option.

In C6, you could set the mixer to always on top and it behaved properly.

When I set my mixer to “always on top” in C6, the Plugin Windows disappear behind the mixer. If I open a second Plugin, the first one disappears behind the mixer and only the last opened shows. I don´t see a difference to C7 behaviour here…

It’s one of the big disappointments of this update

That’s odd, I don’t have that problem in 6.5.

Next week FINAL update 7.0.7 And suprise suprise, it hasnt been fixed!!!