7.5 Audio file description label

Does anyone know where the “description” label box for audio files went in 7.5?

It used to be at the top left, next to the file name, before the start and end values.

Hello vox,

I don’t have an answer for you, primarily because I don’t use that feature. But I have something to say to Steinberg: When you decide to move the furniture around the house (with no warning, and keeping the lights off–nothing mentioned in the manual–like putting the AutoQ in the “cupboard” :wink: ) people are likely to fall down on the ground. I wish you would be more careful with that.

All my respect.

Hi Ipanema

Fully agreed. I accept that changes may have to be made which are disruptive to workflow, but to compound that with silence is incredibly frustrating.

With my problem, if I bounce a single take from a looped recording into an audio file, the new file keeps the take number and there is no way to remove it or modify it.

It wasn’t removed, it is simply not showing on your system. Right click on the info line to to configure what is shown.

Excellent, never knew that was possible.

The description had always been there by default in every previous verison of Cubase, so I was pretty baffled.

Many thanks.