7.5 Download link

Hey guys/girls,

Got the Cubase update for christmas (lovely), but version 7 was shipped to me with a “free upgrade” to 7.5 under the grace period activation thing. The only problem is that (for whatever reason) the download keeps failing, which wouldn’t normally be an issue as most browsers can resume downloading, but because the link is a “one time” deal that is generated by the website, clicking resume simply doesn’t work.

I was wondering if anybody here knows of a steinberg ftp where I can get a permanent link, or whether someone can send me the install (I know it’s huge at 6GB)? I appreciate it’s an odd question, but I’ve tried contacting steinberg twice now and nobody seems to care as I’ve not had a reply or even any notification that the messages have been received/read.

This issue is really starting to get very annoying now as I’ve got dozens of ~3Gb half finished downloads that I can do absolutely nothing with.

Thanks in advance,


Shoudn’t be a one time deal. Use Free Download Manager.

In case you are using a different download link:

Try the full installer from this page with a download manager as suggested.


Well that link does look right, but the difference in file size is enormous. The one that the steinberg website is generating for me is just over 6GB, and the one in your post is a “mere” 900mb. What’s missing?

What is missing from the 900 MB is the data that is on you C7.0 DVD. And if you scroll down a little bit on the link Grim gave you, you will find the full 7.5 ISO files.