7.5 error

I am having an obnoxious problem and wondering if anyone here has had it as well. I am using 7.5.30 with a Mac using 10.7.5 and 20 G of RAM. I have nothing else running and am only using several plug ins, Addictive Drums 2, and audio tracks. This error keeps happening. “Record Error: Audio drop out detected”. It just ruins good takes left and right-and pisses off my clients. Any words of wisdom?

It crashes a lot too.


jamie Hoover

Hey Jamie,

Don’t know where you got the 7.5.30 from, if this version number is correct, but this looks like a betaversion for testing ?
As far as i know the latest update available is the 7.5.20 release ?
If 7.5.30 is the case, you can allways rollback the update.

kind regards,