[7.5] Instrument Tracks stop playing back sound.

Hello :slight_smile:

So I finally made the update to 7.5, amazing so far but, I have a new issue, why does my instruments just randomly stop playing back sound?

First it was the kick drum, which is a sample loaded into Groove Agent. Then it was the snare tracks, again sample loaded into Groove Agent, Then it was Halion Sonic SE, and now it’s my bass track which is chopped up bass samples that I recorded with a hardware synth, loaded into Groove Agent.

All tracks would be working great with no problems then all of a sudden the tracks would stop working one after the other, so I had to reload everything, but it keeps happening, strange…

If this helps, I have midi tracks that I am using to playback hardware synths, so could it be the MIDI channels messing everything up? I really don’t want to reload all of those bass samples. So any ideas? Has anyone else experienced this?

I have the same issue in 7.5.2. I’ve searched quite a bit to try to find an official issue report about this but failed.

VST Instruments just randomly stop putting out sound. This happens to me most frequently with spectrasonics stuff (omnisphere and trilian) and with UVIWorkstation, but I also see it with various other instruments including things in Kontakt. Super annoying and I usually have to close and re-open the project to get it to work again (though I can also unload/re-load the instrument – but that’s even more of a PITA because then cubase will rename the instrument track :imp: ).

This bug really slows down the creative process and it happens pretty frequently (even though I’m running a beefy i7 box with 32 GB RAM and all my samples on SSD).

Can anyone from Steinberg chime in to let us know if there is already an official bug/issue registered for this and, if so, when we might expect a fix? If not then can we get it added to the bug list?

Anyone else seeing this?

On the upper right hand of the arrange page do you see a yellow (M) high lighted?

If so, click on it to turn the mute off…

I had this problem with Halion 5 as well as non Steinberg Vsti’s

This solved the problem for me

Another way to solve this is to create a blank pattern the same amount of bars as the part that is not playing back, line them up together and use the glue tool.

The track is not muted.
Sound will stop coming from the instrument in the middle of playback without me touching anything.
The instrument is still receiving midi.
This is happening most frequently with UVI Workstation but, like I said, it happens with many VST instruments.

It’s still happening in 7.5.3, too.

This is really starting to get in the way of my work.

I’m running a very high end machine with high end interfaces (RME HDSPe MADI and Antelope Orion 32) so there’s no weak link in the chain to point at.

Since no one else seems to be suffering with this problem I guess I’ll just take it up with support directly.

I figured this out.

For those who may have a similar problem:

I had a TEC breath controller connected to my PC and it occasionally, unpredictably sends out a 0 value on midi cc 11 (expression). This effectively mutes many midi instruments – and in a way that is very hard to diagnose (i.e. some of them don’t even have any UI that shows the state of cc 11). The solution is to simply disconnect the breath controller when I’m not using it.

So the net takeaway is: if your virtual instruments ever stop making sound for no apparent reason then check to see that cc 11 hasn’t been set to zero (e.g. you can bring up an automation lane for cc 11 and manually set it to 127).

Good to know, that was a tricky one.

I’ve noticed the same thing. I think it’s a performance-related bug in Cubase. It tends to happen rarely, but usually it’s on the very first big (45 Kontakts, some Omnispheres) Cubase session I load after rebooting the computer. It’s like it overwhelms Cubase and no audio output comes from Cubase at all. If I close Cubase and relaunch it, then everything is fine from thereon out until I reboot the machine again. It’s almost like it needs the first session to load as a “primer” to get comfortable, then it’s fine. (I’m on Mac OS X)

I am getting this too, sometimes midi bouncing parts on the affected tracks worked, sometimes duplicating the track was necessary (which is always asking for trouble if youre dealing with a large ram hungry kontakt instance).

I just bought/downloaded the new Cubase 8.5. This started happening to me last night… out of the blue Omnisphere tracks recorded in midi stop playing back. Nothing seems to work to get them back except instantiating a whole new track, copying the midi track, re-assigning the sound etc etc. A total pain in the ass. What’s really worrisome is that I see these posts go all the way back to OCT of last year! YO STEINBERG! Anybody out there awake?

I’m in the middle of an album project and this is totally unacceptable.

I’m not sure this is the issue but it sounds close enough to what I was experiencing. When playing a song in Cubase (8.5) the sound would just cut off completely and then no matter what I did the sound would not return until I quit Cubase and launched it again. But, the issue persisted. I remembered I had just added an automated volume track so I removed the track and the issue went away. I recreated the volume automation and it worked as expected.