7.5 Patch date ?

After I switched to a Lynx AES16e internal soundcard, I got better ASIO performance compared to the Saffire 6 USB I had. I contribute that to the driver quality. Last year, I started using SSDs for everything but backups and archives, and streaming performance has been amazing ever since.

Those won’t fix crashes and lock-ups, and while SSDs are nice, they only make loading faster and allow you to stream from disk without hiccups. But definitely get away from USB / Firewire interfaces if you like low-latency monitoring. They all have a built-in ~6ms latency, and you really don’t want all your audio traffic going through a USB controller anyways.

I don’t know for sure, but the Steinberg power scheme might just follow their guidelines for optimizing Windows PCs as a DAW. One of those “optimizations” I saw there was prioritizing background over foreground applications, which is a really bad idea if you’ve got a lot of stuff running along with Cubase.

About performance and such there are quite a lot of interesting discussions going on nowadays.


For a deeper but very technical insight and comparison of the underlying issue, also in comparison with other DAW’s you can go to:

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After c7.5 installation i had asio peaks in my c7.06 projects (also when opened with v7.06). I have tracked it down to the automap wrapped slate plugins. After returning to non automap slate versions the problem was gone. I still have a lot of plugins in automap contolled by the nocturn controller. Strange…

Same experience here. Good performance, lots of crashes…and the mixer zoom that never gets fixed.

It’s actually a good idea if your system is powerful enough to run all that internet stuff at the same time (mine is BTW and is actually quite modest in terms of hardware but being AMD support for modern standards usually comes well before Intel).

Not true at all. As a later post pointed out. IF you’re (or others are) having problems pointing out that the problem is NOT necessarily Cubase (to people that obviously know very little about computers) points them slightly out of the cul de sac that “If it’s on MY machine it MUST be Cubase.”. That is a GOOD thing. It means you have another option to approach the problem with. And SOLVE it hopefully.
Cubase 7.5 is NEW. Using an earlier Cubase for serious work is a GOOD idea. One should, being professional always be a few weeks or months behind the latest bling for professional use. Who wants to subject their paying clientele to “Look at this spanking new Cubase mixer man, it only came out yesterday…OOPS it’s crashed!” You want “What effect do you want and how soon…no problem I’m using the most stable version…”
Or do you want the same ten posters all “agreeing” with each other that “It’s a Cubase bug and Steinberg should jolly well fix it…! Or else!” when “Me too. I’ve got that bug.” does the job miles better and gets a quicker response. There’s also a lot of lurkers seemingly just waiting to agree and +1 to every bug post. Low post count? Yes, I was being a facetious with my answer to a specific me too +1 lurker.
I would suggest that any new updates would be either very soon or probably Easter judging by past offerings of “Easter presents” updates or new versions.

post it to the “issues” forum where it will actually be looked into.

+1 :mrgreen: Quite agree.

I’d just like to know…what the H*** does this have to do with the 7.5 Patch date?

Start a new thread if you want to discuss something else!!!

I had this issue a couple of times after installing updates/upgrades and then loading projects that had been created with an earlier version. Try making a backup of your project to a new folder and check if that one works better. If it doesn’t, then export the tracks by hand and import them to a project freshly created with 7.5.

There is obviously a resources tax on 7.5 meters were bouncing up 80/90 % (win7 64 bit) on quite a template/project here, using multiple instances of kontakt, play, engine 3, nexus and padshop with a raft of waves/lexicon plugs.

However, after going into the motherboard bios and turning off the following, same project now down to about 20% on the meters.

Intel EIST
Intel C State
C1E Support
Overspeed Protection
Execute Bit Support
Set Limit CPUID MaxVal to 3 (maybe not so important)
Intel Virtual Tech
Intel VT-d Tech

Won’t be exactly the same wordings on differing motherboards but well worth doing (don’t forget to save the settings on bios exit)

It’s also well worth turning off any unused USB ports, checking to see if there are any IRQ clashes on sound cards. HD audio (like front panel audio/headphones etc) should also be turned off in the bios and windows control panel (on some systems, that would have to be done by changing jumper positions on the mobo (does wonders in solving unexplained cracklings and pops)

Its also well worth tweaking thw windows services, theres a huge amount that are strated as default when windows boots, quite a lot of them are not needed, so turn them off and gain a bit more, also worth checking the startup apps, disabling all uneccasary items in there can speed load up time a lot as well as freeing up some more

Hoping to bypass all the other stuff … just wondering if there has been an indication by a mod of a 7.5.01-type update to 7.5? (I don’t see an official announcement up top).

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You guys got your update, now it’s our turn, the 7.0.6 users

ROTFLMAO!!! Good one.

I use Neundo, but if you are using VST instruments try Freezing them on in the Vst Instruments window - this should bring the Performance readings right down. Also, if you want to use asio-guard make sure that the plugins have their asio-guard column checked on the plugin information screen.

What makes the whole trouble shooting difficult, is that on my DAW 7.5 runs a lot smoother than 7.0. I don’t have ASIO spikes and I can even run most of my projects (mostly around 60 tracks) at 32 buffers. But when it comes to vsti a few instances of PLAY can max out the ASIO meter on 7.5 but not on 7.0.

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I just posted this as an announcement here:

The 7.5.10 update will be available from February 6, 2014 on!


Thanks Helge - that’s great news.

As a relative newcomer to Cubase I’ve been really impressed at the rate of point releases - excellent stuff.

Out of curiosity why 7.5.10 and not 7.5.1?

Where you say:

The first maintenance update for Cubase 7.5 / Cubase Artist 7.5 will resolve several issues

Does this mean if I have 7.5, I will get ongoing maintenance fixes for Windows 8, or will 7.0.7 be enough?

I’m a professional Audio Engineer, electronic music producer and Cubase 7.5 is rock solid. My projets on average have 8 plugins including 8-16 halion sounds, Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance, NI The Finger, Funk Guitarist, many vocal tracks including comp takes and new versions. Up to 5 FX channels and 3 group tracks. My performance meter is always below 50%. I run low on RAM before maxing out cubase. Some sounds will increase the performance meter NI products can do that. I’ve learned to manage my resources with my current MBP until I get another one.

7.5 runs like a dream for me and I find the GUI very professional looking. They did an amazing job. No issues.

The upcoming update will improve many things sounds good didn’t expect it so soon.
BTW once I tried 7.5 I’ve never used C7 and the same goes for 6.5…

For those that are having performance issues I would be curious to see their SIG… And their production technique… Because I consider all electronic music to simply be RnB on steroids. Especially Dub Step. Which is RnB ballad really.

Excellent news, Helge.

Your point releases and communications of them have been exemplary.

(Looking forward to this one: “- No more excessive Project loading times”!)