7.5 Patch date ?

Anyone know when we can expect the first patch for 7.5 ? Its so much more CPU intensive than 7.06. Im maxed out on vst performance with Buffer @ 2000 and something.


and how many tracks are you running ? vsti’s and inserts ?

That’s a lil weird.

Not a big diff here between 7.06 and 7.5.

Hi wcb

A thought!! have you tried LOWERING the latency down to 128 or 256, I remember occasions when making the buffer larger degraded performance quite considerably

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Hi, I use the saffire pro 24 and i cant even hear anything if i lower the latency, so i have to stick to it’s highest buffer which is 2048.

My templates are intensive and i have a LOT of plugins working, with some of them Oversampling, i even have a couple of Nebula instances in there. BUT… this template in 7.06 was running at roughly 80% Vst Performance, and since switching to 7.5 that same template is maxing out 98-100%. Nothing in the template changed, all plugins are confirmed 64bit.

Something thats odd is that when i disable all plugins/Instruments the Performace meter still shows 25-30% used.

I really don’t want to start over as this is a complex template.

And here’s my Computers CPU readings. Using only 30-40% when Cubase is totally maxed out.



Is ASIO Guard disabled? I get a noticeable performance increase when it’s disabled.


Yep read that before so disabled it. Multithreading is on and Steinberg Power Scheme is on.

you want to turn off the steinberg power scheme and customise your own , turning off every sleep possible

Really? I was recommended before to let Cubase deal with it. ? I used to have it off. Customise your own, do you mean in Windows Power Scheme? I used to have that set to Highest Performance.

All these old timers claiming theres no difference between .06 and 7.5 is bizarre…you people are in every similar thread either diverting the issue or claiming no problem.

I dont know what you people do in your host but any producer worth their salt can verify and confirm this in 5minutes.

I’ll hazard a guess that youre all guitar scrubs, sitting and recording audio into the latest pensado presets of various waves plugins all day…

Heres a hint: Some of us, especially those in hard electronica like dubstep, actually use more than 2 plugins because our genres rely heavily on processing and sound design.
It takes not even 1 minute to notice the heavier performance load of 7.5 when you work in this area.

So all the “old guys” are doing it all wrong? Maybe it’s because we know that if you use a lot of plugins it’s more than likely one of them. ALWAYS get the same posts off low post counters just after a new release. It’s traditional now. :mrgreen:

See if you use a lot of plugs and instruments and layers you CAN’T know what’s going on with the machinery. One brick out of line and the wall gets loose. The bigger the wall the harder it is to see the loose brick.
Any producer worth his salt KNOWS this. Ask one.

BTW. They are really unreal high sample rates there. Dave Abbot’s right. About 3/4 years ago both Emu and MAudio cards had problems at high latencies, well remarked on on more than this forum. How do you know they won’t work if you don’t try it? Seems to be reluctance for some reason.

So if they dont use plugins then why comment in a thread about heavy vst performance?

If you just sit there recording audio into pensado presets ofcourse the app is perfect, you have to test the limits man.

For those folks who do that, their logic is that they don’t have problems and therefor you shouldn’t, either. If you do have problems, it’s 100% your fault because you have a low post count. It’s how more than a few of the major lurkers here think, so you get used to it. For the time being, just do your best to ignore them and don’t hand out insults even if their stubbornness is frustrating (seriously, they want that - if you make them a victim, they relish the fact that they can report you to a higher authority).

First, if you have problems with Cubase, try to find the cause of it yourself, then post to the forums. Posting it here in the “general” section won’t do anything because it’s not meant for technical issues, and the lurkers here, whether good intentioned or otherwise, just don’t want to hear about it. Instead, post it to the “issues” forum where it will actually be looked into.

I’ve personally complained numerous times about instability and crashes with this version (7.5), but nothing can get done about it unless I come up with a meaningful bug report. So, in the meantime, I’m using an older version of Cubase for vital projects, and, when I have time, I’m testing my problem plug-ins in the newer version so I can compile a list of issues and crash reports that are more useful than “stuff’s broken sometimes, man”.

There’s more to see in the issues forum, anyways. It’s like a multi-player minesweeper, there are flags everywhere and everyone’s hitting 5s and 6s.

So Cubase is for “testing the limits, maaan…” No it isn’t. It’s for making music not showing off. Let the programmers test the limits. They have access to MANY REAL producers and engineers, dubstep and orchestral composers than ANYONE complaining of lack of performance here. They advise them on features and improvements 99% of the time. Not us. The forum is for US to HELP ourselves so it’s useless griping here. (yes, I know it’s not that cut and dried but I’ll be real if others will) Some have been griping about the same stuff for many years. They get trapped in some forum hell. Avoid that.
As plasuma states. Others’ WITHOUT problems answer the likes of the OPs threads because they KNOW it works on some systems and somehow they hope they can help him straighten his system out by example or telling him which manual pages to read to how to ask the right questions.
If all that answered was people with the problem then the problem would never get fixed, no?
I know it’s sport in certain circles to blame Cubase for anything that goes wrong but really, most of the time, it’s perfectly fixable IF the thread is not hijacked by people with nothing to contribute other than to say that “You’re doing it all wrong…” when the “wrong” systems actually WORK.
And the presets aren’t perfect. Anyone who produces that actually uses Cubase does know.

Actually and Intel i7 should take a really good battering before it maxes out. My main suspect on high resource usage would be 1: that high sample rate. 2: some computer setting BIOS/Windows. 3: Soundcard, driver probably. I see you’ve tried disabling the plug ins.
There’s a lot to set up before you even get to Cubase. The stars have to line up and you may have to be born on the third Thursday in a month with no R in it. :mrgreen: Believe me. I’ve been there.

The fact that you can’t hear anything at lower latencies suggests to me a soundcard source for the fault but it could also be a drive. Internal or external. Maybe external (or internal on a laptop) 2.5 running at 5400? SSD?
Can’t recall if you mentioned audio, seems that you’re mainly instruments but have you tried recording audio? Keyboard direct would do if it has sound.
Just suggestions for an approach to solving this. Hope it helps.

automap makes custom dll’s off your vsti’s which are certainly not vst3 compatible. So this could be one of the performance problems or one of the drivers of the performance peak when the system is idle, but that should be the same in 7.06 as 7.5.

I also saw several other topics where they indicate performance issues that it could be the preferences-setting of the old install that could be a cause for performance differences. (different preference settings new/old install) Screen for topics on that on the forum as it might be a fixer. A clean install is also allways nice to have on a system.

And i agree that overall, probably due to the changes in the functionality, it is notable that people adress more frequently issues with the asio performance. I notice them myself. But it is not necessarily the DAW to lame. An example is the new asio-guard feature that makes a big change in the way the system handles vsti’s. For some it seems to be a great thing, others see performance decrease significantly and advice to switch it off. It is though not logical that a asio performance tool that is tested as an alternative to increase performance has the opposite effect…Their seems to be a big cluttering on the programmers front, and as we all can see on the asio guard pages is not everything fully compatible with every plugin that exist nowadays. everybody is going multicore, what is not allways better for performance. Probably the reason why vst2.0 is on the end of it’s lifecycle. (but there are a lot of 2.0’s and older on the terrain)

I think performance is amazing.
I’m working on an 18 + minute long tune with about 4-5 Kontact instances, probably around 10 guitar rig instances, with long processing chains, other plugs like addictive drums,absinth,FM8 etc an i’m recording dubs through guitar rig at 128 buffer.
Then i noticed just now I had various instances of Reverence as Fx channels which would normally kill performance, but I didn’t even notice they were on. i’m still only about 3/4 on the ASIO meter too…

Having said that though I’m getting plenty of beach balling and crashes so i’m here to see if there any patches.

Thanks for the reply guys. I have certainly considered other factors such as an issue with the Saffire Pro/Firewire port etc I haven’t used an ssd yet and heard that it is a great performance booster, my sample ibrary is 3tb so that rules ssd out for now with that. ASIO Guard makes little difference on or off for me, if anything having it on makes it slightly worse.

I’ve tweaked everything to death in Cubase/Bios/Windows. The only thng i refuse to do is turn down Windows graphics to basic. just cant stand the look and movement of it all!

Im still wondering why my computer tells me im only using 40% cpu when Cubase tells me 100% in Vst Performance. And why my first core looks overloaded whilst some of the others seem unused. There’s definitely nothing wrong with the hardware, and the RAM sticks work perfectly.


I am experiencing the same VST performance peaking. So much so that even if I zoom the peak display on a track I hear crackling. I’m only using 2 tracks in the project so shouldn’t be anything related to project overload issue.

I went through the project systematically and switch off plugins no difference, slight change with reverbs but that’s to be expected and wasn’t major.

I went to the device set up screen under the VST Audio settings. Turning off multi processing caused peaks to max as expected.

Turned off ASIO guard and saw a slight temp drop on the average load meter.

Turned off Steinberg Audio Power scheme and the meters dropped back by around 20% which gave enough performance headroom to work. So for me on my Windows 7 setup 32bit i7 2600k CPU there is an issue with Steinberg Audio power scheme and the Windows power management which is set at High Perfomance setting (nothing turned off).

So the question is why would turning on the Steinberg Audio Power scheme impact VST performance?