7.5 project in C8 cause soundcard problems

I have been using Cubase 8 for a while now & I think that it is excellent. However I wanted to start work on an older project today from C7.5 & although it imported & played ok there was no sound. In fact I could not get any sound using any project until resetting my computer and using a Cubase 8 project!

What happens is that the soundcard is no longer recognised.

I have a Mac Pro with a Focusrite 18i20…

Any help much appreciated.


You probably need to select the sound card driver in devices setup and/or reconnect the outputs in VST Connections.

Thanks. Yes I tried that.

I have spent ages on this now. I might have to go back to using C7.5.

I see that there is another post now about failure to open C7.5 files…