7.5 + TC studio konnekt 48 = OMG wow!

Did a bit of an upgrade to my setup, from a two screen 6.5 with focusrite saffire to a 3 screen 7.5 setup with the TC SK 48, and all I can say is wow, it’s like night and day.

I got the SK 48 mainly for it’s inputs, to replace my shaky mixing desk that was leaking audio and crackling all over the place - I was convinced it was affecting my mixing - I think I was right having removed it completely from the system. I can now mix easily on the third monitor (an old 1280 x 1024 19" that I had from the previous upgrade to 2 x 1080p monitors) using a combination of TC Near and the new cubase mixer. The extra monitor is on the desk, angled like a synth (it sits next to my Virus, meaning it doesn’t get in the way of my nearfields)

The biggest difference is in sound quality - separation, clarity and bass understanding. I was never one who believed much in the quality of the DAC making a big difference, I thought maybe 1-2% but I was wrong!

I also thought that the TC SK48 would give me a great reverb to work with, and it has: it blows all over the other algorithmic reverbs I’ve had when used in the mix… I don’t know why, but it just sits really nicely. But the biggest revelation was the Fabric C - as a bus compressor/EQ/Limiter it is fantastic and will make a huge difference to my project studio output.

Being able to quickly switch between my main monitors and my intentionally crap Hi-Fi speakers is another nice little hardware advantage - this has always been possible through the control room, but made a level easier now I can control it through the hardware (and the remote that came with the TC) - if you aren’t already doing this, go to a car boot and get a crap amp and some crap speakers and make use of the extra outs on your soundcard; it really has helped my mixes.

Lastly, having all of the extra inputs has made integration of my older synths (particularly my JP 8000) much better - it’s so nice to be able to really use this synth in a session now; and it sounds great with the TC Fabrik R reverb.

anyway, I’m in a happy place, so I thought I’d share.

£162 for the cubase update, £449 for the audio card and some old computer bits have made a huge difference to my workflow and I finally feel creative.

and as a PS - I’ve always had small issues with my Virus TI and the old saffire - these have gone now, and I really can enjoy the synth as it behaves inside the sequencer like it did outside of it.


anyway, I’m in a happy place, so I thought I’d share….

Awesome Mang!

I too have the same set up.

I have a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 mixer that I was also using as my interface, but decided to use that just as as mixer now, and use my SK48 as my interface, which I’ve had for about 6 years or so.

The on-board mixer took a bit to get used to, but fully understood it before long.

Great sound! Incredible EQ’s!! Top-Notch Reverbs!!! Definitely my favourite Reverb, even with all the new comers since then! :slight_smile:
Even just playing CD’s through and drumming along too, the CD sounds better because the Reverb is so clean & clear.

I once had 3 speakers connected and liked being able to switch between, but now I just have 2 sets.

I also love the remote. To be able to simply tap down the volume knob to a pre-determined level when the phone rings is great.

And to have it beside me at the V-Drums - very handy to be able to change different volumes, reverb levels, inputs, etc.

And even though it’s only 32 bit, if it does happen to go for a sh*t, I’d be getting another right-quick! Just for the Reverbs alone, if nothing else.

Same setup here. Very nice card, it improves my quality, making my job easier. :wink:


@TobyShark, thx for your post. I was looking for a new Interface and didnt knew about the TC.
The Remotecontrol is a great idea. I wonder why others dont have this?

Now, i have to stretch my moneybag a little and get me one of those :slight_smile:

cheers, djart

no probs,

DJArt - get it while you can, I think it’s out of production now. It has one “issue” that could be a deal breaker, the included DSP based plugins (the excellent Fabrik R and Fabrik C - ported from the powercore) jare only available as 32 bit plugings. These run fine via Jbridge in 7.5 x64 (and also they can be run in the TC near mixer, meaning that if worst comes to worst, you can just route tracks through them and never have to use the plugin) and I believe they run fine using the cubase bridge.

Just so you know

both FX are very good - the reverb is extremely useful, and the fabric C is a fantastic multiband comp plus EQ


I’m a big fan of TC Electronic and recently bought myself the Studio Konnekt 48. I have lusted after one for a few years and now they are affordable with online prices around the £450 mark. Amazing interface, jam packed with features and such a crystal clear sound! Love it :smiley:

Totally! I was going to ask how much they’re going for now, but I’d even pay again what I paid for mine way back when, although they are cheaper now.

Hell - I might even grab a second one while I still can, just because! :laughing:

Then I’d double my ins & outs, and I could sync them via S/PDIF.

Yup! - mine run fine using jbridge or I may just have them using Q7.5’s bridge - can’t quite remember now.

There were numerous requests to port them to 64 bit on tc electronics forums, [myself being one of them], but the answer came out plain & clear that they weren’t going to.

Doesn’t matter - some things are just worth having as they are.

These plugs are in that category and again the Fabrik R is my all time favourite Reverb hands down!

There are also a few more plugs that come with it, btw. Assimlator, etc.

The remote has a number of buttons that you can press and then turn the knob to adjust the appropriate volumes.
[If you hit a button by mistake, just wait a few seconds and it returns to what you have it set as for main control.]

For instance, when I’m V-drumming, I first warm up & practice along with a CD player plugged into 11 & 12 ins. I can adjust the volume of either the CD player or my V-drums or both and the 'verb level, etc. all from the drum seat.

I can also switch speakers from the remote as well, etc. etc.

Of course if the phone rings, just one quick tap down and it’s muted or reduced to a lower level I set it to.

They weren’t advertised all that well. More of a hidden secret that an all out ad campaign, although they may have been promoted more in Europe.

And at that time the big boys to get were the ‘MOTU 828MKII’ [or something like that] and the RME 400 [or 800 - not sure].

Also, for those of us who started with Sonar, the Dice II chip was considered risky with some DAWs, although I took the chance and had no troubles.

I’ve also had zero troubles with Q7.5.

All in all a great, stable, quality unit with awesome sound & plugs!

No affiliation, commission or kickbacks here, btw.

Just a good, solid SK 48 fan & happy owner!!! :smiley: