7.5 & VST Connect SE

Hi all,

Just thought I would let everyone know the problem I have been having with VST connect this weekend.

After getting it set up and working in 7.06, once I installed 7.5 I had a lot of connectivity and signal drop outs but the meter levels (studio & performer) were showing solid blue? I had a cable connection so it wasn’t a Wi-Fi issue, and I had no other programes running!! Asio guard was unchecked and all the other option, discussed a few weeks ago, were looked at, but I couldn’t work out what was happening! Was it just Christmas buying choking up the internet I wondered!!

I had a lot more problems this morning but then thought about the new hitpoint detection in 7.5. I figured that if 7.5 was detecting hitpoint transients on the fly, then there would have to be a bigger drain on resources. I un-checked the option in preferences and…BINGO…all running smoothly again.

I will also post this on the VST forum, but I thought someone might find this useful if they are having similar problems with VST Connect!

Jim B

Thanks! ripping my hair out, maybe this will help!