7.5 Window size restrictions

Since 7.06, the maximum width of the Cubase application windows seems to have been restricted to 10,000 pixels. This is also the case with Cubase 7.5. There might not be too many people with a screen set-up like mine, but I am using a multiple 30" monitor set-up with 2560x1600 pixels each and I need to set a window width of 5x2560 (12,800) pixels to span the Cubase window over 5 monitors (and 2 in height which is no problem).

This has NEVER been a problem up to and including 7.05. It has never been mentioned in any version history document as well.

Steinberg, why did you do that?


I use three screens (my central one is also 30" 2560x1600, but the side monitors are 24" 1920x1080), but never to extend the track view across all of them (why? Track view scrolls, you know…) I think that the beauty of having three screens is that one (the central) has the track view, the right one has the mixer and the left one has all the “auxiliary” views, including VST etc.

Incidentally, my near-fields are sandwiched between the screens (the NF’s are set at a 23-deg angle and the left and right monitors at a 45-deg. angle), so having one long track view spanning all screens would not be convenient at all for me.

Question: if you have all five monitors edge-to-edge, where did you put your near-fields? On the ceiling? On the floor? :slight_smile:

I do not mean sub-windows (like project window, mixer, etc.), I mean the Cubase application window itself. You cannot move any Cubase sub-windows out of the Cubase application window except for the transport window (btw: why is this possible while the others cannot be moved that way?), so you need to span the Cubase application window over all of your monitors to be able to place the sub-windows on any monitor.

This is different in Reaper for instance. In Reaper, you can place every sub-window on every part of the monitors no matter where and how large the main window of Reaper is.

(Regarding your question: Some ignoramuses, including myself, prefer to do most of the mixing on headphones (just because I started that way and got used to it). I have a separate sound-proof cabin with NF monitors which I use 2-3 times per track for level control with Cubase iC pro.)

Huh? Of course you can. But you’ll have to click on “always on top” first or they won’t move from the track view.

I don’t know what you mean by “move from the track view” - the project window?

The “always on top” option is, as far as I know, only available for plug-in windows, not for Cubase’s windows. Can you move the Cubase mixer window out of the Windows main application window of Cubase (and by this, I do not mean the project window within Cubase)? I can’t, it is being cut off by the application window.

Apart from this, the thing is that obviously the maximum width of the Cubase application window has been restricted and I do not see a reason for this nor an announcement before or after.

I use the mixer full-screen and send it to one of my monitors with the controls provided in the window itself. Works great. But then, I have only 2 monitors… :wink:


I’m gonna say yes. Right click on the mixer, and choose ‘always on top’. Then drag to another monitor. I usually have my mixer floating in my left monitor and my track view (main Cubase work space) in my right.
[My 3rd monitor is a 37" TV, but it’s over on the other side of the room next to the piano - so I only drag stuff over to it & use it when I’m seated there.]

I’ll add that at times my mixer view was also to big for the Windows application window on my monitor, but a bit of resolution tweaking of each of my 3 monitors and I got it to work out.
But you’ll need to be able to grab the top bar of the mixer window in order to move it. Sounds like you can’t by it being cutoff.

Try re-sizing the screen resolution, [even if it means ridiculously smaller than you’d like], move it to where you want it, then resize the screen res so that it looks as you’d like it.

Yep, that’s exactly what I meant. Unfortunately, you can’t move the piano roll screen or the scoring screen out of track view and onto another screen, and that’s something Steinberg should address sooner or later.