7.5 yelling 'Save me...'

Not a big deal, but most of the time when I close a project, I get asked to save it, even if I just saved it and have made no changes. Cubase is the only app which does this, and previous versions didn’t. Just occasionally, it will let me close a project without the warning, but I can’t see what’s different about these projects.

+1 - get this here too; didn’t happen before 7.5


I have the same issue…sometime it does and other times it doesn’t!

Me too and it’s also intermittent.

same here…


+1, same here, think it has been discussed in another threat already… :unamused:


I pointed it out here: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=181&t=53463

I think it’s related to Groove Agent SE

Same here.

I don’t use Groove Agent but this ‘save business’ occasionally happens here too.

It may be that the first save attempt is’nt given enough time to complete when closing the project?


+1 here as well

Okay, I get it as well but I think I know why it’s “intermittent” and why you may have thought it was Groove Agent.

I think it depends on what your active window is at the time you click “save”.
If, for instance, your last task was in the mix console and that is you active window, or pane or whatever you want to call it, then you will be asked twice.
If though, you were on your arrange window anyway, it’ll save the arrangement.
Anyone want to confirm this with me?

Can’t confirm that. And I’m quite sure it’s Groove Agent SE related.

Try this test:

  1. new empty song

  2. insert instrument track with Spcetor synth

  3. close the plugin gui

  4. click the arrangement window to make it active

  5. save song and close it - Works as expected

  6. insert instrument tracks with Groove Agent SE

  7. close the plugin gui

  8. click the arrangement window to make it active

  9. save song and close it - Cubase now prompts you to save

So this test, doing the exact same stept besides having different plugins, prooves to me that something is going on within Groove Agent SE that puts Cubase in an “unsaved” state.

Now there might other studd sharing the same bug sinces other users experience the same thing not using that plugin. But at least my test is reproduceable.


For me at any rate it has nothing to do with Groove Agent.

I first noticed this after upgrading from C6 to 7.06, and the behaviour continues in 7.5

It does it most of the time. In 7.06, maybe 5% of the time I close a project straight after saving, it doesn’t ask if I want to save again.

In 7.5, insofar as I recall, I have yet to close a project without being asked to save, even though I always have just done so. It’s imprinted into my workflow.

I’ll ponder the window focus thing and see if that correlates here

It was something that I was noticing yesterday - posted the reply whilst away from my music rig, so it was a bit of a memory thing. I’m going to try & sort it myself later, but thoroughly!

I noticed it was the same if I tried to close a project. If I’d been working in the mix console, and clicked File - Close, it just closed the mixer. I was expecting it to close the project.

Will check it all out later.

Yep +1. So I do an incremental save and then exit - because I hate overwriting projects.


My theory doesn’t seem consistent - red herring unfortunately.
Ran some tests yesterday evening and the problem was … “intermittent”.


…i’m getting this intermittently too!

I have been having this issue since C5.
After all these years still can’t figure it.

No biggie tho’. Just a bit annoying at times.

Happened to me yesterday without using Groove Agent SW so there goes my theory.

However! I did notice a midi track keeping to record arm itself (which is probably a bug on its own) and whilst the track was record armed the save notification kept popping up. But when I turned off record arm the song closed as expected

Check this out:

When I create an empty song, cerate a midi track - I can shut the song down as expected.

BUT when that track is recorded arm and I press save ONCE the save popup comes up when trying to close the song.

BUT if I press save (CTRL+S) TWICE the song Closes :smiley::D:D