7 day's waiting and still no support.

Hello Steinberg,

Why you keep me waiting for 7 day and still no answers.

This kind of support sucks! :imp:

And still nothing pffffff.

Native Instruments behaves a hell lot worse than this, according to what I experienced:

We couldn’t do anything if any case that the company just don’t want to give the issue ticket a f*.

Suggestion: Stop moaning and post the issue here. Someone might help. It is Christmas, some people like to be with family. Post your specs too.

Mine was opened 24 days ago. The delay is from the launch of 9 (and all its issues), and Christmas holidays.

Still you are the lucky ones who live in countries that support is offered nonetheless. There are other countries that they won’t even let you reach them. You can only contact the reseller who can’t do anything to help you. Anyway… :imp:

I hat this already don here but no reactions.

In CB9 my groove agent 4 missing the new production kits.
And it ask me to find the location.
But can’t find this location.

I sent a ticket in before the holidays they got baxk to me in 2 days…

Native instruments forum and tech support is way below average… i vow to never support there product’s until they can get there sortware to work with cubase…

The entire Komplete 10 is working perfectly for me in Cubase 9. Make sure to update your plugins using Native Access. If you’re on Mac, don’t use El Capitan or lower.

To install the content.
Extract the C9 installer. I use winrar. This creates a Cubase folder inside are all the installers. Open additional content and in that folder the VST sounds folder. There you will find the production grooves installer. Install them and take notice where it is installed. If already installed uninstall the production grooves and reinstall.
Hope this helps

Only because that the full version of Native Instruments Symphonic Series is not included in Komplete 10.

Thanks mate i will try this out tomorrow.

Oh, that’s the specific plugin that doesn’t work? I actually thought those were Kontakt libraries.

As a Kontakt library, it works but has an annoying bug which has been described here:

Note that I already posted this link above.

The misunderstanding is that I thought that the NI library didn’t work in Cubase specifically. By the way, I agree with EvilDragon that it’s best to contact AudioBro in this case.

The Audiobro technical support is not available for their joint projects branded by Non-Audiobro companies.

Hi… Strangely, today, I noticed that when I play the string ensemble from DD, I get the non stop issue and from an SSD, no issue !
Don’t knowif it helps… :mrgreen:

  1. What does the DD mean? Is that a mechanical hard disk?
  2. I met this issue from SSD.

I have done this but its still asking for some samples of the production kits.