7 design issues that should be easy to fix in Cubase

Good point.


They must consolidate this in future releases…

I hope they hear you!

I know that… that’s not my point… it’s the abruptness of the ‘NEON GREEN’ line that was the issue. I don’t mind it now.

Eh… you’ll never get everyone to agree on a color. I’m sure at some point they’ll let you customize it in the preferences.

yeah, that’s what’s really needed.

Ahhh… There’s a reason it’s a different ‘E’. The capital ‘E’, if you press and hold it, it opens the VST editor instead of the channels settings editor.

That is actually stupid, too. We have a symbol for opening the VSTi since forever. And nowhere else in Cubase do you have to long-click something… inconsistent, again :slight_smile:

My vision of the MixConsole

I’ve never been very good at the spot the difference game.

Some clues would be nice.

Not on the top of my wish list, but you are right.

Hi raino,
here you are
Fader zone - 1.tiny lines to separate the channels. 2.knobs are separated and smaller 3.Colored track names are separated, so now if you have 2 or more tracks the same color it’s easier to see them. 4.Bright lines on the borders of the selected channel.
Track names are doubled on the top of the Console.(must be optional in the view settings)
Oh, and of course track names are centered.

Ahh, I see now. Subtle but effective. The only one I initially picked up was the names at the top. Thanks.

One more inconsistency to add:

CC automation is curved in the sequencer window, but not in the piano roll CC lanes. If there’s anything that can send me to the funny farm even more than tiny scroll bars, that one could probably do it.

I’ve been roasted to death in the Dorico forum today enough as it is, all because I want good MIDI mockups in notation (a crime punishable by death in some parts of the world). So please forgive my rather goofy, if not somewhat mockingly/irate/defeated attitude. This thread just happened to remind me of all the joy I’ve felt over the years. I guess I really am better of coding my own program. I’ve always believed the best coder is someone who codes stuff for their own needs anyway.

Be assured, if I ever DO code my own music software, my scroll bars will be big enough to actually click on without going to far above… below… okay, I finally got my mouse to the right spot. Click. Oh wait, I was a little off. Okay Sean think… move just EVER so slightly… DAG NABBIT I MOVED THE MOUSE TOO FAR!!! … okay, be careful… just move slightly down… click. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

Seriously, who hasn’t done it?


Absolutely, this is something that drives me crazy coming from Studio One. Not sure who thought many scroll bars and some level adjustments that are tiny and hard to grab with a mouse was a good idea, but they need to check out the competition (or go back to the way it used to be in Cubase, apparently!) to see how greatly these little things affect one’s everyday experience using a DAW, and re-do.

Almost all of these are suggestions that I agree with. I hope they’re listening to this very useful advice!

I think it would be enough if developer listened to composer.

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Glad to read this thread - thought I was the only one who thought that the cubase aesthetic ecosystem was distinctly amateur and sloppy for one of the longest standing DAWs on the market with a big following. S1, ableton etc all leave it in the dust for design / aesthetics. Even when installing I get the occasional prompt that looks like its from win95 or something. Just feels amteurish in places. I know its only looks, but its that lack of attention to detail that feels sloppy now that they are at 9.5 in 2018 and still looking clunky. Splash out on a team of graphic designers to come in and get it all spic n span for C10 please. Liking the Ableton 10 aesthetic revamp. Nothing revolutionary, just a subtle but very professional set of improvements that leave it looking great and pleasant to work in. No reason why Cubase can’t achieve the same - no excuse in this day and age I think.

Exactly! And to repeat, yes thanks for doing that, Winter Rat.

Not holding my breath for any imminent changes of the sort discussed herein, however. My personal opinion is that unless/until there is a critical mass of GUI problems that somehow obviously degrades Cubase function we are more likely to see LoopMash 5.3 before these changes implemented.