70's Music DJ/Producer - Considering YVC Plug-in

I’ve been using Cubase for the last year or two. I’ve been using it to create remixes of popular 70’s tunes and have also got my sister into sing on some original 70’s themed tracks that we’ve created between us. I play these at 70’s themed parties in amongst the original classics. It just freshens things up a bit. I try not to go cheesy with the remixes and try to do it subtly. It’s a cool little part-time business/hobby on the side of my day-time computer job that keeps me out of trouble and tugs on my creative strings. I’ve been looking at the YVC Yamaha Vintage Collection plug-in as it looks as though it could compliment the tracks we do quite nicely, helping to create an even more 70’s feel. Not having tried it, I’m just after a few tips on what I might use it for, considering the type of work I do. I need to weigh it up on whether to get the plug-in so any good uses for it that would benefit me, might tip my decision.

Just as a side note, I’m after some DJ equipment and was wondering where people on here might shop for their decks, mixers etc, to get the best online shopping deals? I’ve found this http://www.easyprices.com which looks ok. Seems pretty new and haven’t come across it before. Having trouble getting onto the products page today but might be under construction still. Anyone had any experience with it?