8.0.20 breaks Softube Console 1

Suddenly the main out is transferred as Channel 1 to console 1 even when a real Channel 1 exists.

To Reproduce:
make a new project, with one channel and the main output channel.
Insert console 1 in both channels.

In console 1 both channels are on channel 1. Up to 8.0.20 the main out had no channel number and could be set manually in console 1.

As it is now, console one is NOT usable.

Say it ain’t so! nooooo! I have not installed yet…maybe I’ll wait. I need my Console 1. have you emailed Softube?


This is so frustrating. They fixed the MCU master fader issue in the last update that worked fine in 7.5. Now they mess up a already working thing again. What is going on?
Can’t install updates which break some working functions and fix some other.
One step forward and two steps back in my situation.
Probably have to wait another three months now before a fix, at least…
Or are this issue confirmed by other console 1 users?

confirmed here I will report to softube beta group just in case its something they can do

The good news is that this is fixed by softube, and will no doubt be available in the next release