8.0.20 crash on every quit = plugins locations lost

Hi everyone,

I have this really annoying problem since the latest update, when I want to quit my session I close my project, then close Cubase and everything seems fine except Cubase.exe stays in the task list because apparently it crashes upon closing for some reason.

The result is that it “forgets” my plugin’s folders directories (I have several for bridged ones, heavy ones on a separate hard drive + the usual VSTPlugins).

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling 8.0 then 8.0.20 but nothing changes, I also have crashes upon scanning on startup that I NEVER had before.

Any help is welcome.

One trick that worked for me, for a while, is to set audio to “release in background.”
Another culprit, for me, was Waves StudioRack. Removing it (or reverting to v9r2 of it) removed the crash on close.

I’m getting crash on close now, again, even after these tweaks, either due to the 8.0.20 update, or my projects being slightly different.

My solution is going to be rebuilding my project from scratch.

Well the thing is that I have crashes even just opening the software and closing it without even opening a project…

It’s likely either a prefs file or a rogue plugin Cubase failed to blacklist.

I trashed all my prefs and reinstalled the whole 8.0 then 8.0.20 and my plugins didn’t give me any problem in any previous version…Sometimes I had crashes with bridged plugins but even excluding that folder from my preferences I have the same problem.

It may have been that one of the plugins now causing the issue, was blacklisted before (it’s a pref/xml file), thus hiding the problem (a good thing).

A quick test is to temporarily remove all plugins (drag to folders on desktop).

Also, if you saved the pref files from before, you can compare the two blacklist xml files.