8.0.20 Release Date

Hi Steinberg team,

It’s been 2.5 months since 8.0.10, is there any chance somebody could chime in regarding the 8.0.20 release date?
After all, we are paying customers and I think we have a right to know when the beta testing period is coming to an end.

It would also be nice to find out if there are any plans regarding a reevaluation of any of the questionable UI decisions that started pouring in since Cubase7 (the hover buttons, mixer design, the new menu bar, or not being able to have the mixer “always on top”, middle mouse scroll in the mixer, the dependency to Aero, etc…). At this point, a yes or a no would suffice.

Thank you

Release dates aren’t ever announced until the release actually happens, at least since the time I started using Cubase. Sorry- I know that’s not what you want to hear.

I can say that need to turn on Aero in Win 7 will not be going away.

Well, what can I say? Thank you for replying.

Regarding release announcements, this is indeed not what I was hoping to hear, but I was hoping that, given the rather unusual number of complaints, Steinberg might consider doing some damage control by being a little more transparent.

About the UI issues, again, I thank you for at least trying, but my list was a little longer. The Aero dependency is one thing, as questionable and annoying as it may be, but how about the other ones?

Any news on the hover buttons? Is this being looked at? There really are a lot of people who would appreciate an alternative for them.

Middle mouse panning in the mixer? This cannot be more than a few lines of code so I have to wonder why this is being ignored since v7 (it used to work before that).

Mixer “always on top”? Just add that option back and let us deal with the zDepth issues if the current UI framework cannot do it for us, but at least give us the option back. Cubase has always had it until 7.5.

The menu bar is an aberration. Does Steinberg understand that? Are they working on an alternative?

The list is actually longer, much longer.

Again, thank you for you reply and I hope you understand my concerns.


the 8.0.20 release is much closer than you might think, and I really mean it.

The hovering is being looked at, yes. But I don’t know the status, surely a UI change won’t happen in a point release. The ‘AOT’ Mixer is also being looked at. There are trades in this regard, as the change of having the plug-ins editors on top complicated the situation quite a bit.

The menu bar is how menus look in Windows 7 - if you refer in particular to the issues with zoom factors higher than 100%, this is being looked into since the issue has been reported, but as Win 7 and 8 behave differently, the fix on 7 is much more complicated that it might seem (Can barely see menu labels! - Cubase - Steinberg Forums).

Kind regards,

Nothing wrong with the new graphical user interface and need to use the AERO interface.
You shouldn’t disable AERO anyway so why asking about AERO dependency?

Finally Steinberg’s software’s “look” are up to date 2015/2016 and also take advantage of all new GPU and multi CPU’s technology in all modern systems. In fact the new graphical interface include the new mixer and all the functions that comes with it, are one of the best things that has happen in Cubase/ Nuendo in a long time.

That you can change color UI of own liking and use of icons is another great thing in Cubase. Its a minority that want to go backwards. The majority LOVE the new Cubase PRO 8. :wink:

Keep up the good Job Steinberg!

any chance of a summary of the fixes/changes Fabio in advance?

Sorry, Blackout, the changelog is published by the responsible personnel on the date of release.

thanks for responding Fabio. hehe i figured as much i just thought i would try my luck :slight_smile:

This is brilliant. Can’t wait for the update and now wondering if the issues that people have reported about VEPro 5 have been fixed? Can’t wait to start using VEPro 5 with C Pro 8!

Thank you Fabio. Just enough information to keep us in the loop of things. I like that. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Thank you, that’s great to hear.

Regarding the main menu bar, I did not mean the fonts/zoom factor issue, not even its looks, but it’s implementation.
Surely you must know what I am talking about, there’s been countless posts about it, for example:

Middle mouse panning? I am only bringing it up again because this has been on the collected issues since v7:
Steinberg Forums (from Dec 2012)

Thank you

thank you for the clarification.

I replied to the second thread linked. As for the first link, the menu bar is what is left of the old ‘shell’. Instead of having a ‘container’ window inside which all other windows float, you now have a menu bar with a background you can decide to show or not, covering only the screen where you have the menu bar (in case of multi-monitor setup).

As per the middle mouse button, that link is about a Mac 10.9 only issue which have been solved in 7.5.40. If you experience the issue on another OS or platform (would be useful to add your system specs to the signature), please feel free to post it in the Issues Forum. Every entry is treated separately.

Again, we are aware of the requests and concerns, but development is a constant work in progress and some changes cannot be implemented immediately, be it for dependencies or areas of the application that still need to be updated. I hope this further clarifies.

Kind regards,

So I think the 26th it will be there as - a guess - nuendo 7 will be launched! To early for Cubase 8.5 :wink:

Hi Fabio, do you know if steinberg is looking into a couple of things users have been pointing out?

  1. Focus of key commands:
    keycommands behave different when you are in the mixer or in the project window. I know it maybe difficult to change now but, why can’t we have a different set: zoom project-zoom mixer, for example.
    Every one that has programmed macros or use a control surface face this shortcoming and cubase 6 didn’t have this issue.

  2. VCA and linked channels behaviour: when we have a vca and linked channel group, when you select a channel you select all (you have to press a modifier to select one), and record enable goes on in every channel. Again, if you have a control surface this is annoying and VCA turns more like a hassle.

The two issues were in a lot o post, and I wound think anybody would be against looking into them so they can fixed.
Apart from that, cubase 8 rocks!

You can set keys to be separate from the Project window zoom keys, via the Function menu in the MixConsole (top right corner, down arrow button). Very handy I find.

You still have to click into the mixconsole to give it focus first, before you can use your new key commands of course… I don’t think there’s been a way of forcing those through (to an ‘unfocused’ window - am I wrong…?) but it would be even better if you could. Perhaps your remote device does allow this…? :slight_smile:



Any news on the default crossfade not saving bug and the ruler zoom bug?

No, the remote controllers need focus to work. I have macros who hide and show different folders in my big film scoring template, and I have to focus on the project window for them to work.
I use keycommands mostly in the project window (others maybe the pther way around)

We could have an option to deactivate keycommands for the mixer and for the project…I dont know…cubase 6 was fine

You think 26th. But Fabio said “the 8.0.20 release is much closer than you might think”, so it will be much closer than 26th. Since 26th is in 3 weeks, I’d say release will be tomorrow, or next week. If later, then it will not really be “much closer than you might think”.
In any case, waiting for the next release is really fun. The best part of it all.


And the waiting is fun… until revealing your dissapointment at arrival :open_mouth:

When a new version of nuendo arrivés we mostly see after a few days a cubase update, the code is maintained for both versions apart from each other but have heard a few times that there is a base for both platforms.

But I agree, I’m waiting in eager for the new update…thats fun!