8.0.30 enable tracks multi-out bugs

When enabling a multi-out instrument track (eg Stylus RMX, Breaktweaker etc) from a project saved with that track disabled, lots of duplicates of the first output appears in the project window, and some random ordering of the rest, then wild ordering in the mixer. On my recent test, there were no less than 8 Stylyus RMX A outputs and 1 each for the rest in the project window, while the mixer showed just the one regular track. For Breaktweaker, it showed 4 main outs, aux 4, aux 5, another main out, then auxes 1, 2, 3 and 6. In the mix console, these tracks were ordered wildly, with different outputs from different plugins interwoven.

Win 7 64 bit pro
C8 pro 8.0.30
RME babyface
i7 4930k
64gb RAM

An addendum - seems like this happens on templates / projects which predate 8.0.30. If I start with clean plugin instances, they seem much more reliable.

I’ve noticed this same behavior when importing the same track archive multiple times and saving and reloading the session. Those sessions can be cleaned up by deleting the extra output tracks (normal output tracks can’t be deleted from the arrange, but the extra ones can). However that breaks MIDI track assignments to that instrument and they need to be reassigned.