8.0.5 Still no minimize button?

I’m thrilled I can actually minimize everything at once now, but why isn’t there a minimize button? Why does minimizing require right-clicking to get to the option to minimize in a context menu? I can’t imagine what the thinking behind this is.

And it’s sad that I’m thrilled about getting back functionality that basically ALL SOFTWARE HAS. Minimizing is rudimentry, yet it’s still not right in Cubase “PRO” 8.

ye go figure… amongst other rudimentary stuff that should be the norm

They’ll add it in, but you will have to hover in the general vicinity for it to appear first. :wink:

+1 I’m very disappointed.


But the small improvements we got in CB 8.0.5 are better that nothing. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

On my system now I can access to windows 7 hided taskbar. WOW !

I am on Windows and the Minimize button is there… Always…

On the top bar that says, “File | Edit | Project | Audio …”, you have a minimize button when a project is open? Screenshot?

I am confused…

Even before the update, you could always hit the ‘Windows’ key and get to the taskbar with Cubase still visible.

Am I just misunderstanding the intention?

Granted, I use 3 monitors, but the main ‘project window’ one should still be the same right?

Were you replying to Serenity? In any case, if you had the gray background toggled on the taskbar would not appear before the update.

However that is totally different from the minimize button being missing when a project is open.

I suppose I just do not understand the issue. Sorry if I am being naive to the situation.

I am just trying to understand just why anyone would want to minimize the main Cubase window?

Not trying to be an ass, just honestly wanting to understand and maybe help.

OK. I misspoke. I have it when no project is open and when a project is open and NOT minimized. When the project is minimized, the title bar (or Application menu bar) is still there with no minimize button.

So you basically trying to say you NEVER EVER used Cubase or ANYTHING
on a computer for that matter before Cubase 8 Pro, right???

I don’t have the minimize button of the window in Cubase it’s very strange …Windows 8.1 64 bit

I do not have the Minimize button either, 8.05, Win 7 x64.

If you close all projects then the minimize option is there. It all seems a bit insane to me.
I’d like Steinberg to come clean on this one. If they would just admit that a monkey escaped from the zoo, broke into their offices, got into the code and reprogrammed Cubase to act in this fashion, I’d be happy. If they say that a human being made this decision, then I say hand the the planet over to the apes. They have made movies about this and though the ape world never comes out perfect it’s got to be better than this decision. ‘Make me your slave, Oh mighty ape masters’.
For the humans out there, I’m being sarcastic. Also here.

Other wise you can right click on the menubar and select minimize all from the context menu :wink:
Hopefully this will be normalized with a proper minimize button in a future update (we know now it can be done).

Thats how i do it for now.

I’m just posting here to support this idea. Would really love an option to get rid of that damn menu bar when you minimize the project window. Please return UI functionality to that of 7.5 (including the mixers “maximize to monitor X” option)

I still wonder what is wrong with Steinbergs Engineers…they smoke pot or something?
After decades of something working properly the decided to screw it?