8.0.5 update download question

I’m trying to just install the .05 update, but when I download the 477MB (mac) installer, I then see where it wants to reinstall the entire 13gb library…seems like all of the content will be reloaded. Any idea on that?

Hi Johnkenn,

unfortunately this is a display error. The update is going to install only the 477MB from the updater itself, but since this update is based in the original full installer, it is going to show you that there are 13GB to be installed (the content files from HSSE2 for example) but these are already installed on your computer, so you won’t get them installed again.

I know it is confusing, but be assured that only the size of the updater itself is what’s going to be installed on your Mac.


This is all fine and dandy but I’ve only got 10gb free space left on my laptop… so it won’t let me update until I delete stuff… I know I need to sort out some more free space anyway in order to work, but this is daft!! Bug that needs to be fixed