8.1 & Ozone 7 - very bad crashes

I’m running 8.1 and yesterday I was working on some mixes and decided to use the matching EQ of Ozone 7 in Nuendo. All went fine and then I closed the project. When I went back to open it, it not only did not load (just spins) but somehow it is messing up the Lynx Aurora driver as well. I tested this three different times, going through the same exact process. The last test messed up the Lynx driver so bad that even shutting down the computer fully didn’t bring it back on-line. I had to uninstall the Lynx driver, reboot and then reinstall before I could start working again.

I’m pretty sure it is Ozone 7 that caused this. Why? Because I only had three plugins loaded. Ozone, Kotelnikov, youlean loudness meter. I was comparing two final mixes for level and EQ. Fortunately, this was just a test. I would have lost my mind if this happened on the final mix before it was exported.

Anyone else seeing this? Huge problem and makes me think I should go back to N7.

maybe I spoke too soon about it being Ozone. I just saw on the Youlean site that the new version fixes a crash in Cubase. More testing needed.