8/4 divided into 'dotted-lined-in-between-measures' of 3+3+2

Anyone knows if this is possible? And if possible, how to do this?

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I don’t know how to do this automatically, but adding dotted barlines should be as easy as invoking the shift-b popover and write : (colon)

The thing is that it should remain 1 measure but divided into three ‘fake’ measures so to speak.

That’s definitely possible; but I would like to have a more ‘general’ solution for this :slight_smile:

You mean like SHIFT+M 3/4|3/4|2/4 with the individual time sigs separated with the pipe character? You’d probably want to hide the unwieldy additive time signature after starting with an initial 8/4 measure that you would divide manually.

Well, that’s half the solution… :slight_smile:

What would be the other half?

My solution gives you “exactly that”, but is not automatic. Inputting manually a barline in Dorico doesn’t change the time signature, while inputting a time signature does change the barlines :wink:

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And Marc’s solution is exactly what you need for the first measure (one measure) before you apply my solution and hide the new (convoluted) additive time signature.


Well, all together this combined solution is working well! Thanks for your advice!!