8.5 (and 8) window bugs

Control panel still not fixed (video is showing cubase 8 but it is the same with 8.5): https://vimeo.com/145863946
Yamaha studio manager, same problem with stuck window under project…

I paid for all releases on the first day and still using 7.5 :imp:

On the video you’re running C8

Did you try to go to vca settings in the mix console to add Volume and such ?

Same with 8.5

Sorry, my bad :blush: I tried to do it from the project window where I don’t have option to add vca to the selected channels.

But other two issues remain…

Again I apologies for false alarm!!!

If there’s been an issue that was actually caused at least partly by operator error, I think it’s helpful for the rest of us reading these posts to have this pointed out - perhaps by changing or amending the title of the post?


You are absolutely right, other bugs that don’t let me use 8.5 are still present so I changed the title.