8.5 bug with midi notes and double clicking?

Hello all,

I’ve been programming drums in Cubase using option+click since forever now, and it’s such a second nature process for me now that I do a lot of my programming really fast, and sometimes I click a note mistakenly and immediately want to delete it, but even though alt/option is held down, the 2 quick clicks in succession still behave like a regular double click, and instead of deleting the note it layers another note on top of the one I wanted to delete!

It seems like a very minor / silly thing to complain about, and might well be, but I’m just finding it very irritating as a lot of my work involves programming drums or drum sample reinforcement (basically midi drums in general).

Basically, an unintentional option+double click is behaving the same way as a regular double click.

Am I doing something wrong here and is there a way I can work around this?

Any suggestions welcome! Cheers.