8.5 full Installer and installation paths?

I’m having issues getting Groove Agent to show the acoustic and percussion agent, I’m also having trouble with Halion Sonic, and finding presets from some of the modules, such as Haliotron, etc.

I’m on Windows 10, one thing I’ve noticed about the new 8.5 full installer is that there’s something wrong with the Path handling. Let’s say I want to install all sound content to a dedicated D drive. During the installation, the first path to specify is Padshop’s. So I edit the path, fixing it to the root of my D drive, but trying to maintain the default structure, which would be D:\Steinberg\Content\Padshop\VST Sound.
So far so good, next path to edit is Groove Agent SE Rock Pop Toolbox Drums. The problem now is that the installer will force whatever path I specified for Padshop’s!..And If try to switch it to what would be the correct one, say D:\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VST Sound, then the installer will switch by itself the path that I had already specified for Padshop to D:\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VST Sound ! Same happens with Groove Agent SE path, the Midi Loops path, and Content Path. They’re all tied up, I can’t specify an independent path for any of these without the installer automatically forcing the same to the others mentioned.
Strange thing is that this doesn’t happen with Groove Agent SE Acoustic Agent path or HalionSonic SE path, those I can freely set as I want.
I’ve never experienced this issue with the 8 installer, and didn’t have problems with content not showing up. I believe this might be the reason why I have “lost” content.
Can anyone confirm this? Steinberg, any word, even if its just to aknowledge there’s something broken in the installer?

Because of this, I’m unable to install the 8.5 version for which I already PAID … I’m forced to go back to 8…Its a pita that even the installer seems to be broken… :imp:

Here’s what I did:

I searched for all files ending with *.vstsound and I moved them all to one folder on my harddrive. In my case I moved them to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Content\ as the HDD is a SSD with plenty of space. In the installers, I can enter this path (no need to separate the files in different folders as all of the content files have unique file-names)

I put shortcuts to these files in the original Content folders. This way I never lose my content and they all reside in one central place. The advantage of this method is also that there are no double presets in the VST instruments anymore (like I had in Retrologue and Padshop) as there are no double copies of the *.vstsound files anymore. This method is also very handy for backup purposes.

I can confirm the same issue as the op. In the end I just went with the defaults, but the bug does exist.

Recently purchased 8.5 Pro and tried installing Cubase on a fresh Windows 10 64 bit machine.
Every attempt to install ended in a crash, no matter what we did. Run as administrator is an obvious choice in these matters.
The suggested path during setup is one we wanted to maintain. BUT…the folder does not exist.
After the 5th attempt we checked this as a fact. Cubase Setup does not check or create this folder for you.
Not even a warning or such.
Manually create the suggested install folder because Cubase setup does not do this.
After that it was just a 5 minute install proces and Cubase worked fine.
Stay on the same drive during download and setup. Don’t park setupfiles on different drives. Focus on C:\

One week later we discovered the same install error after purchsing GROOVE AGENT 4.
Same thing here, manually created the folder and setup went fine.
Really guys @Steinberg?
When i buy 500 dollar software i do not want to engage these sort of issues.

Henk & Marc

I just ‘moved’ the *vstsound files from the original Data Contents folder to a newly created Content folder on my Library drive. I didn’t move the whole Content folder in one go but moved the individual program folders inside the folder separately eg. Groove Agent, Padshop etc

Then, when I open a moved VST eg Groove Agent in Cubase for the first time I was prompted to locate the ‘missing’ vstsound folder which I had moved. I directed it to the new Contents folder in the Library drive.

btw, don’t ‘copy’ the files but ‘move’ them into the new folder

After that everything is back normal…No need to create short cuts in the original Contents folder either…