8.5 : Tracks super wide on MixConsole when opening a project

Hey guys, it’s all in the title.

Anyone else experiencing this ?

Looks like MixConsole has still some problems remembering its appearence when reopening a project, even the full screen on my 2nd monitor gets remembered randomly when I reopen a project.


Yeah I’m noticing this… I think it’s trying to centre the insert and routing text on the channels.

I also posted on the Issues forum because my locked “Master Out” track on the far right side becomes invisible when I open the MixConsole…happens to you too ?

I have my stereo out locked to the right as well but I have no issues with it being invisible.

Have you tried opening and closing the MixConsole ? Please let me know, maybe it’s only a Windows issue

After load the channels will be oversized… then I use ‘g’ to make them smaller and I don’t have an issue even If I close and reopen the mix console.

Ok thanks mate