8 Hz Concept Album


this project (12 original songs and 2 covers), was inspired by images, it’s my musical meditation around 8 Hz.
The music is constructed around 8 Hz monaural beats and/or 8 Hz amplitude modulations (timing and tuning reflect this approach) and it is really far from the loudness war…

Here some tracks

and here the whole album

Hi Gianni, I am listening to the first one. I’m thinking I’m missing some background information to understand it – what it is meant to do (meditation-wise) and how to listen to it. Any additional insight?

Hi Early 21,

listen and relax, nothing else.

The songs are studied to emphasize 8 Hz everywhere, timing, intonation, amplitude modulations and (where possible) 8 Hz monaural beats.

If you listen for an adequate time, there is the chance that also your brain will begin to syncronize its brainwaves to the music (sympathetic resonance). Do not listen to this music while performing activities which require your full attention.

8 Hz is defined a “magic” frequency:

  • it is the lowest (deep relaxation) of alpha brainwaves -8 to 12 Hz- , and the the highest of theta waves -4 to 8 Hz- (state of transition between wakefulness and sleep)
  • it is near the Schumann resonance, a global phenomenon of magnetic resonance
  • it is able to pass a Faraday cage, and a “Meisner” field of a superconductor; it is able to penetrate any physical and energetic barrier
    -this frequency generates superconductivity and it has a fractal wave symmetry
  • it stimulates the pineal gland to release melatonin, hormonal synchronizer antagonistic to aging; the pineal gland promotes serotoninic release (antidepressive action), with benefit to the immune system.
  • melatonin (with 8 Hz signals, again), induces mitotic replication of DNA (repair)

I don’t know exactly the “extent” of the things I have just written, but this frequency fascinates me and I wanted, first of all, to experience it directly through music.

P.S. Sorry for my broken English

Hi Gianni, thank you, that was what I was looking for. In terms of a musical composition, given 8 Hz is below our ability to hear, is it that the music is mostly overtones of 8 Hz? I appreciate the explanation.


in terms of a musical composition:

  • yes, the fundamental frequencies of the music itself, are multiples of the base frequency
    -furthermore, the goal was to merge the the principles of brainwave entrainment and music, and to write music around 8 Hz monaural beats (monaural beats carrier frequency 128 Hz - C2), difficoult for me, if you consider that C2 is always there and it is appropriate to always find assonant harmonies.
  • where, for tecnical reasons (harmonic content or mixing problems in “Moonlight Sonata” and “The Lake”) I was not able to embed the 8 Hz monaural beats in the music, tempo division, tuning and amplitude modulations are always there screaming “8 Hz! 8 Hz!”

Thank you Early21 for your interest in these theoretical/tecnical considerations; you made me think to add these notes in the informations of the videos.