8 to 10.5 Upgrade on 2 computers - 2 purchases ?

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had to upgrade, so excuse my ignorance - if I am running CE 10.5 on 2 computers, do i need to do 2 purchases even though i’ve got the same physical software ? Or is it more to generate 2 licence keys individually ?

If you want to run it on two computers simultaneously you need two licenses, one for each computer. Cubase Elements uses a “soft” eLicenser which but there is the possibility of transferring the license to a USB eLicenser, which is an additional purchase.

You can make that transfer only once, and you can’t transfer the license back to the “soft” eLicenser, however it does give you the advantage that you can run Cubase Elements on whichever machine has the USB eLicenser.

This is useful for example if you want to use Elements mainly on your desktop, but occasionally on your laptop – unplug the USB eLicenser from the desktop (where Cubase will then no longer start) and plug it into your laptop. Cubase can stay installed on both machines. The downside is, if you lose the USB eLicenser, your license is gone!

For more information, have a look at the recommended articles on both the “soft” and USB eLicenser options here.

You´ve got “physical software”…?
If you want to update two licenses, you need to purchase two updates.

Physical software - I meant I have a download, and yes I’m understanding now I need a 2nd license key for the other computer (which often runs simultaneously)