8 to 8.5 update. Key commands and studio connection to new?


How to import key commands and studio connections from 8.0 to 8.5? I tried to save keycommands in 8, but when I navigated to keycommands folder the file was not there. Altought it shows in 8.

With regards, Faaraotron


when i upgraded from 8 to 8.5 (or any other version to a newer one) it automatically migrated my key commands…

If not, search in your old preferences folder and move them manually to the new one…


Thanks, that solved the peroblem.


Ok guys… all I can find on my Windows 7 pro system that has had Cubase all the way back to Cubase 5 is .xml files for key commands. Why is Cubase 8.5 looking for .key files? I can find .xml files easily for past key command configurations, but Cubase 8.5 (32 & 64bit) doesn’t want to open them when I try to open them through File:Key Commands:Import Key Commands File… In fact neither a newly installed update of Cubase 8.5 32 nor 64 show any alternative presets which I know I’ve cut and pasted into the new appdata:roaming:Steinberg:Cubase 8.5:Presets area. There doesn’t seem to be a appdata:roaming:Steinberg:Cubase 8.5:Preset:KeyCommands folder. If this was solved I’d really like to know how.