£800 and you can't use in c7 channel strip ?

as per title ,for that sort of money for a software eq and compressor id want them to be able to integrate in the channel strip to utilize the low latency of the strip position in c7 otherwise i might as well stay with uad :wink:

Use them as inserts - works fine.

I must say - I do agree with the need for incorporating them into the channel strip!

Yes, this would indeed be really nice. As would the ability to tell the mixconsole to use whatever installed EQ or compressor I have in the channel strip.

I understand what your saying Neil but wasn’t the idea of the channel strip to be pre inserts to reduce latency issues ,so surely if your using the portico fx in the inserts then they would have more latency than being in the strip ?

cheer for the thoughts thou
much appreciated

Don’t see how it makes any actual difference in the real world.
In all honesty, I do not know what the point of the new channel strip really is. I do not use it, I never will use it, I would much rather use my own compressors & EQ’s & Tape emulations, I most definitely do not want or will never even need limiters & maximizers & envelope shapers on every channel either.
The gate is okay, and thanks for the new comps but I still prefer my UAD/Waves/Slate/Porticos, and would much rather see unlimited inserts than a reasonably pointless “strip” section in the current generation of Cubendo.