808 with stereo width using stereo plug-in in “mono sampler channel”

When I load an 808 sound into my sampler and then I add a stereo plug-in such as ozone’s 7 stereo imager to make this 808 in some words make it wide or pan it, I don’t know if I’m wording it right i apologies but yes I want stereo plugins too work when I add them too instruments, I’m assuming that sounds in a sampler are mono by default?, i also already tried adding a group track and then routing my 808 too that group track and then adding the stereo plug-in into the group track, group track is naturally routed out to the stereo output?( Main)

I make modern trap music such as money bag yo, drake,young dolph,key Glock stuff, they do a lot of 808 widening and I need to replicate this it opens up the songs a lot more for the artist and in general it is I guess a “modern way” of producing Because I know back in the days they wouldn’t do this since they want the bass too hit hard etc but somehow they are making it work and it sounds amazing, anyways I want to also take the time to thank this community witch by the way has answered all my questions and has been patient with me. You’ll probably see me post here a lot as a last resort if I can’t find anything in the traditional search engines or google. Peace out you awesome cubasers!!! :money_mouth_face: