816 with pro tools: managing outputs?

Hello -

I’m using my MR816X with Pro tools 10, and I’m tring to set things up so I can switch between my nearfields and a mono mixcube.

Now, as long as pro tools is not running, I can use the MR soft interface to switch between output 1-2 and 3-4. When pro tools is running, I no longer have the same control - apparently pro tools thinks it should take charge of output assignment?

I played around with the I/O settings in pro tools and got things to work for a moment, but in the end my new settings messed up the session I was working on so bad, I’ve had to revert to a much earlier version - I managed to create some kind of feedback loop that had all my tracks screaming at the top of their bitbased lungs.

So. Is there somebody here who uses the MR816 with pro tools and who has worked out how to conveniently switch between e.g. several sets of monitors. In my case, it would be a question of getting a summed mono output channel to e.g. output 3 on the interface. If it were possible to use the second volume fader to control levels for the auratone substitute, that would be even greater.



In Cubase this is done through the Control Room. Sorry, I don’t know the Protools equivalent.

Yeah, I know the integration with cubase is well catered for, but even for a pro tools user, the mr-816 is a pretty decent solution all in all. Remains to be seen just how good, though. With two pretty big and sturdy knobs and eight outputs plus the two headphone outs, this interface seems not to need an external monitor controller - not, that is, as long as there exist some means of getting interface and DAW software to cooperate.

Surely someone must work with mr-816 in pro tools with several outputs? I’m sure there’s a way, and I’ll find it yet - but if you happen to know it, don’t hesitate to tell me, please! :wink: