816C setup problems, Cubase 11

I’ve been using a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 with Cubase for years, finally got a UR816C. Really like it, but I’m stuck in setup, specifically in dspMixfx UR-C. I downloaded the toolkit, got the Steinberg ASIO selected, got UR-C in I/O, direct monitoring selected.

I think I have the dsp mixer set right: Main out l/r: Mix 1 l/r
Line output 1: Mix 1 l/r
Line out 2 : Mix 2 L/R
Line out 3 :mix 3 l/r
Line out 4 : mix 4 l/r
Adat output 1/2 : DAW direct 1/2
Adat 3/4: Daw 3/4
Adat 5/6: Daw 5/6
Adat 7/8 : Daw 7/8

When I open a session, it works, except I get no Cubase master buss VU meter when I record a new track. I do get the Cubase master buss meter on previously recorded tracks.

I can record a new track, but have to use the master buss meter in the dsp mixer. When I open the dspmix, I see input channels 1-8 are “DAW Controlled” but the master fader of the dsp is funcy=tional. What am I doing wrong? I saw on older videos that if I use Cubase (I’m Cubase 11 pro), the entire dsp mixer would be grayed out. Any help appreciated

Turn the monitoring button on?
Or I misunderstand your problem…

I found a workaround. I can use the UR816C with Cubase 11 fine, but a software bug does not allow me to use the Steinberg 816 hardware rack unless I disable the control room in audio connections something I can’t do, since I use the control room (as it was designed to be used).

the workaround is to assign an unused stereo buss to audio connections output section, leave mon out 1 l/r in the control room buss, mon 4 l/r headphones. I also have to set up the dsp mixer differently(the video above does not apply to the 816).
This, again, kills the 816 hardware rack, but I have the few plugins that the 816 provided, residing in my Cubase program manager. They’re not spectacular anyway, but the 816 hardware is supposed to give me very low latency. Wish I could use it.

I do like the 816, but I had hoped it would interface more smoothly than my Saffire Pro 40. Sadly, I was wrong. I’m told that Yamaha and Steinberg will eventually fix this. I hope so. I’ve been on Cubase since 2006, BTW

This is no workaround… this is how you have to do it…
you only need the stereo out bus only if you connect a recording or streaming device to it

I can live with assigning an unused output buss. And the Steinberg hardware rack does work when you do that: it appears on each channel. Unless you assign that channel to a group fader, in which case it vanishes again. Steinberg finally admitted that is a problem after around 20 emails, but they said there’s no quick fix in the future.

Frankly, the benefits that the 816 hardware rack offer aren’t worth fighting over. I can use Cubase with the UR816. I just thought it would be simpler. And others have complained about this very thing.