816C setup problems, Cubase 11

I’ve been using a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 with Cubase for years, finally got a UR816C. Really like it, but I’m stuck in setup, specifically in dspMixfx UR-C. I downloaded the toolkit, got the Steinberg ASIO selected, got UR-C in I/O, direct monitoring selected.

I think I have the dsp mixer set right: Main out l/r: Mix 1 l/r
Line output 1: Mix 1 l/r
Line out 2 : Mix 2 L/R
Line out 3 :mix 3 l/r
Line out 4 : mix 4 l/r
Adat output 1/2 : DAW direct 1/2
Adat 3/4: Daw 3/4
Adat 5/6: Daw 5/6
Adat 7/8 : Daw 7/8

When I open a session, it works, except I get no Cubase master buss VU meter when I record a new track. I do get the Cubase master buss meter on previously recorded tracks.

I can record a new track, but have to use the master buss meter in the dsp mixer. When I open the dspmix, I see input channels 1-8 are “DAW Controlled” but the master fader of the dsp is funcy=tional. What am I doing wrong? I saw on older videos that if I use Cubase (I’m Cubase 11 pro), the entire dsp mixer would be grayed out. Any help appreciated

Turn the monitoring button on?
Or I misunderstand your problem…

This is for the UR44 but I’m pretty sure the same applies to the UR816. I have the UR824 and followed these steps. In the video he goes through setup in Cubase so you can see all the UR functions in the hardware rack: