82 dB leq(m)

Hi there,

i have to do a 5.1 mix for german cinema (discreet channels). it has to be after norm 82 db leq (m).
Can you tell me, what this is and how i make sure to fullfil the norm?


You can “use” 82dB Leq(m) over the period of time of your content.
Measuring is done with the Dolby 737 hardware unit, or with the Dolby Media meter.
I think Waves also has a meter which has a Leq(m) option.

The Nuendo loudness meter won’t work for that, although it works in the same way.
But we hope to see this scale being added in the future.


ok, i will check Waves then. Thanks.

It’s in the WLM - Waves Loudness Meter.
Switchable weighting options include ITU-R B.S.1770 (default), Leq(a), Leq(b), Leq(c), Leq(m), none