850 Meters

Almost a year after completing production, “850 meters” is posted online!


Nuendo from start to end.



Great one!

I enjoyed it, very nice work :smiley:

Aloha F,

I am away from home/studio so I could only listen (no graphics on this 'puter).

Sounded nice tho’. Can’t wait to get home to ‘see’ it.

I do not ever remember a ‘mod’ posting work on this forum.

Right on Fredo! :slight_smile:

My ego needed a small boost.

Just superb…well done, Kevin

And down again …


Kev is his name, that’s how he signs his posts. :wink:

Thank you , that was pure brilliance .

Very enjoyable :wink:

Incredible !!!

Great stuff and very entertaining. The animation is fantastic, same for the voice acting. I liked the music, although it seemed too vacant at times when I’d have expected certain things from it for atmosphere/emotion. The actual theme is nice and fitting though and overall it’s well done.

Very cool production. Thanks for sharing! :wink:

finally a real surprise ending!!!
soundtrack supported the plot, good musical awareness and the space and pitch manipulations added to the fun.
good movie = no execution until next week, sunday at dawn!


Wow! Looks like a LOT of work went into this! :slight_smile:

That is just… awesome.

The whole production, start to finish. I’m jealous and inspired both together. Really fantastic. Thanks for sharing it. I wouldn’t have found it otherwise.

Awesome, professional & above all fun.

Great watch and listen!

I don’t use Nuendo… but…
I layed way below my desk laughing - no joke!

Great work - really good quality in sound and video!


Wonderful! Great job! :sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing.