8dio - Century Brass Expression Maps

Attached are the expression maps used for Dorico to work properly with 8dio’s Century Brass. I love this library and hope this helps anyone who also wishes to use this library with Dorico. Attached are a quick little READ ME that specifies the order in which you have to load the Key switches within the interface. Since it is not a preloaded interface, you MUST to customize it accordingly in-order for it to work. Fortunately, you will be able to save it as the default, so you will not have to load each individual KS again. Anyway, cheers!
8dio - Century Brass.zip (441.9 KB)

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Would you happen to have any examples of century brass with Dorico and your expression maps? I made an impulse buy because I like the sound and assumed it would work with Dorico but I have gotten burned on a couple purchases lately. The price was right though.