8dio - Century Brass Expression Maps

Attached are the expression maps used for Dorico to work properly with 8dio’s Century Brass. I love this library and hope this helps anyone who also wishes to use this library with Dorico. Attached are a quick little READ ME that specifies the order in which you have to load the Key switches within the interface. Since it is not a preloaded interface, you MUST to customize it accordingly in-order for it to work. Fortunately, you will be able to save it as the default, so you will not have to load each individual KS again. Anyway, cheers!
8dio - Century Brass.zip (441.9 KB)


@charleswtjr I started playing around with this and first thank you for your work on this. Do you find some of the articulations don’t trigger properly?

For example I can’t get tuba/staccatissimo to trigger no matter what I try. By default staccatissimo reverts to staccato but in this case staccato has such a long release it doesn’t work in this context. If I remove that fallback it uses sustain but short of course which actually sounds clearer. Anyway just wondered if you’d uncovered anything like this and have any suggestions.

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I see what you are talking about. So ALL articulations are not mapped. Even though I say to load Staccatissimo in the player, I used it in the expression maps for only staccato notes that have a very short length on them. Mainly incase you wanted to write double tonging. If you duplicate the Mapping for “Staccato, Note Length < Short” and change the mapping to “Staccatissimo,” it should fix it and work for you. There might be other articulations that I didn’t map but this was not intentional, I just never use Staccatissimo, so it wasn’t on my mental checklist. You also might notice that the “Accent” expression articulation used the “Sustain” patch. This is on purpose because as even though the quality of this library is phenominal, the lack of a Sustained Accent patch does rather upset me as a Marching Band Composer, and this is the only alternative. I hope I cleared it up!

I don’t use this library, but you might want to think about the mutual exclusions section of the expression maps. I would imagine that Staccato and Staccatissimo should be mutually exclusive.

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@charleswtjr and @Janus both good things to look at. I do agree the library sounds very good so it’s definitely worth the time to tweak things and again I appreciate your work on it @charleswtjr

Honestly I’m still exploring it a bit especially the arc patches which I think can be quite useful.