8GB RAM or 16GB RAM?

Hi everyone!

I have actually 8GB RAM but I wanted to know if I upgrade my RAM machine to 16GB, could I have similar performance or maybe it would be similar? I dont want to spend money in vain.

I wait for your answers,
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If you have similar performance, or or maybe similar performance would depend.

I have 12GB of RAM in my WIndows 7 PC,upgraded this myself,the RAM was reasonable to buy online. Certainly cheaper than a new PC,heh,heh
my advice would be to shop for RAM

Look at your computer manual to see if it has spare slots for extra RAM and how much you can/or if you install.

For my little experience it certainly would be worth doing,esp for using these new RAM intensive libraries for Kontakt that are around.You can of course purge samples in Kontakt (see its manual for more info)

Or more complex pieces of work in Cubase.I know of more up to date PC’s have 16GB plus of RAM :astonished:

It is really simple. Load your largest project. Check in task manager how much ram is used, total and by cubase. If you still have free ram, more won’t do anything.
For me 8gb is enough, but 4 wouldn’t be. For others 16 or 32 might be needed. For example if you do only audio and plugins, 4 is enough. VSTi’s can need more especially sample based like kontakt.

I’d upgrade to 16Gb but utilising SSD drives will also give you far better performance.

If you run your project files off of a SSD drive you’ll get better performance. Also using SSD drives negates somewhat the need for more RAM if you’re using large sample libraries for strings / drums / piano etc because they can stream from the drive instead of being loaded in to RAM.

It also depends on the vsti. I have SD3 drum vsti which does not stream but loads into RAM. you can’t always trust what free ram is showing. I had 6gig in my machine which was showing just over 4 used. When I bought more RAM (12gig) . The same project showed nearly 6gig used.

Cubase usage should be the same. But OS uses more/leaves more in ram when possible.