8th rests in compound time

I would like to group 8th note rests in compound time the way Gould recommends on page 163: “rests that follow a beat should expose all three divisions.” I would like it to default to this but I don’t see this as an option in Notation Options>Note Grouping or in Notation Options>Rests. I have found times where I can’t even force the duration - in the case of 6/8 meter: 8th note/4ter rest/4ter rest/ 8th note. It will not allow me to force either 4ter rest to become 8ths.

Thank you for any help you can offer.


To use Fore Duration on rests, you also need to be in Rest Mode (press the comma key, and enter the rests explicitly).

Also, once you’ve created one 8th note rest with Force Duration, then you can alt-click to copy it anywhere you need. I find myself doing this a lot.

Thanks guys. I was able to create one with the forced duration and then did as Stephen suggested and copies it. Since exposing the three divisions in compound time, does anyone know if it’s in the works to have this a default option?

I’ve just typed all of the 6/8 examples from Gould p. 163 in. With factory Notation Options, Dorico gets them all exactly the same as Gould with the exception of the final line on that page (which is preceded by the text “If it is important for a performer” (my emphasis).

Which one isn’t doing what you want?